Sunday 5elect – Vol. 042

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Sunday 5elect, where Economix readers get insight into the top five tracks dominating my headphones right now. This week is full of happy music that makes you feel good. Enjoy below.

1. Whethan – Good Nights (feat. Mascolo)

“Good Nights” is Whethan’s latest hit and the perfect song for chill summer hangouts. Low key but complex production underlies Mascolo’s good vibe vocals and pushes your mood upward. A great indie electronic track is subtly creative while still being familiar enough to love on your first listen. Louis the Child have mastered finding this balance. Looks like Whethan may have, too.

2. The Weeknd – Starboy ft. Daftpunk (k?d Remix)

k?d has applied his glitchy sound to The Weeknd’s legendary anthem “Starboy” and it’s an intense track with a lot of vocal filters and energy. The way k?d switches up the distortion levels from drop to drop keeps the song fresh and adds a lot of replay-ability.

3. San Holo – The Future (ft. James Vincent McMorrow)

San Holo is rapidly becoming one of my favorite artists ever. I saw him live at Bonnaroo and then was inspired to dive a bit deeper into his discography afterward. I only found tracks and mixes that increased my respect for his production and DJing skills. “The Future” is a lighter, calmer track that incorporates light melodies and full synth cords. It has a pleasantly emotional vibe.

4. Kasbo – Lay It On Me (Feat. Keiynan Lonsdale)

Kasbo teased this track on his Cry/Dance mix and I really think it is one of the best examples of how his sound can make you feel energized and happy but bittersweet and nostalgic at the same time. A lot of his music feels like a fond memory.

5. San Holo @ EDC Las Vegas 2017

The worst part about not being at EDC Las Vegas is having to watch what you’re missing on social media. Sick drops, insane crowds, and crazy visuals that you can never really replicate in a video. However, a few artists have blessed us with full recordings of their live set, and after seeing San Holo at Bonnaroo just a couple weeks ago I had to check if it was the very same set that had blown my mind in person. Lucky for me, it was, and I get to re-live this masterfully crafted mix and share it with you all. Enjoy.



The end of the year usually comes with a lull in the number of new songs coming out as artists are just finishing up their fall tours and not yet building up hype for their spring adventures. However, this lull usually makes up for itself in the proliferation of new DJ sets that provide a unique insight into how artists have been captivating their crowds for the last few months. These sets are fantastic ways to find new music – after all, these are professional DJs that are deeply embedded into the music scene. On top of all this, there are still plenty of new releases. After all, most musicians can’t help doing the thing they love: creating. The playlist below contains the best indie tracks that have come to my attention this December.

As always, we start with the best of the best. Chill vibes via Kidswaste, Pluto, Pham and Alison Wonderland begin our journey with a positive, playful vibe before we “knock it up a notch” with Bajillionaire. It’ll be a long time before we chill out again. Hex Cougar, Whethan and Krewella keep the energy up with a mix of future bass and moombahton beats until Autograf primes us for some hip-hop jams. After a brief flirtation with rap and trap we return to the familiar realm of future bass remixes of pop songs that provide some much needed ear candy before the heavy beats to come. After we enjoy a few funky house tracks, Eric Prydz’s alter-ego CIREZ D hits us hard with stunningly well-produced techno track. This is the first of several tracks that are extremely hype and would fit in well with a heavy deep house set by SNBRN, Dr. Fresch, or MAALA. Once past this gauntlet, it’s smooth sailing form here on out. Some upbeat, chill house will ease you through the end of the playlist. Here’s a rough map of the tracks for your convenience:

  • 1-16: Upbeat indie EDM
  • 17-21: Hip-hop and hip-hop influenced electronica
  • 22-24: Trap
  • 25-27: Progressive and experimental house
  • 28-36: Pop-influenced future bass
  • 37-42: Funk-influenced EDM
  • 43-55: Techno house and trap
  • 57-86: Chill melodic house, future bass, and funk

Enjoy below!


Sunday 5elect – Vol. 014

Welcome to this week’s edition of Sunday 5elect, where Economix readers get insight into the top five tracks dominating my headphones right now. This week’s selection is a vibrant mix of melodic electronica. Enjoy below.

1. Jai Wolf – The World Is Ours

Jai Wolf’s debut EP Kindred Spirits is finally out, and with its release we get a couple of beautifully new originals that are a hallmark to how far Jai Wolf has come, and an indication of where he’s headed next. “The World Is Ours” is my favorite new single, and it’s a soaring, melodic example of a more subtle and meaningful type of electronic music than what is typically popularized. It is a confident track that clearly emits positive energy. Give this, and the rest of the EP, a thoughtful listen.

2. Schérazade – L’Amour À Plusieurs (Fhin Flip)

I’ve been tracking Fhin for a while and his flips are always downtempo electronic masterpieces. This latest release is no exception. Incorporating future-bass elements into a very chill vibe, this track will get your your head bobbing as soon as you hit the chorus. I personally appreciate the drawn out synths that appear and fade out with every iteration of the beat. Extremely high quality production.

3. Wallflower – untitled | 7.14.15

The mysterious Wallflower, who has recently been releasing nothing but short clips of potentially amazing songs, is back with another teaser simply titled “untitled | 7.14.16”. It’s a future bass banger, somewhat similar to Whethan’s legendary remix of Missingno’s “XE3”, which has led many (including myself) to speculate that Wallflower is actually Whethan posting samples of unreleased music to see how they float in the real world. This is mostly substantiated by Whethan’s consistent reposting of Wallflower tracks, and a couple of hints from Whethan himself. Well, Wallflower/Whethan, if you’re reading this then please release a full version of this track – it’s fire.

4. up. – lyke i wood

I know next to nothing about up. but I know I like this song. Only 99 followers on Soundcloud but thousands of plays on each of his tracks (well-deserved, they’re all pretty great) spells another mystery, but I’m not going to venture any ideas on this one. Just enjoy the catchy, poppy, house track titled “lyke i wood”.

5. The Magician – Magic Tape 66

I look forward to each and every one of The Magician’s Magic Tapes. Each one is a thoughtful exploration of modern house music. Tape 66 stands out to me, though, seamlessly blending elements of nu-disco, deep house, pop music, and future bass. Fantastic for doing work to, or chilling with friends, this is a mix that has very high replayability.