Sunday 5elect – Vol. 042

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Sunday 5elect, where Economix readers get insight into the top five tracks dominating my headphones right now. This week is full of happy music that makes you feel good. Enjoy below.

1. Whethan – Good Nights (feat. Mascolo)

“Good Nights” is Whethan’s latest hit and the perfect song for chill summer hangouts. Low key but complex production underlies Mascolo’s good vibe vocals and pushes your mood upward. A great indie electronic track is subtly creative while still being familiar enough to love on your first listen. Louis the Child have mastered finding this balance. Looks like Whethan may have, too.

2. The Weeknd – Starboy ft. Daftpunk (k?d Remix)

k?d has applied his glitchy sound to The Weeknd’s legendary anthem “Starboy” and it’s an intense track with a lot of vocal filters and energy. The way k?d switches up the distortion levels from drop to drop keeps the song fresh and adds a lot of replay-ability.

3. San Holo – The Future (ft. James Vincent McMorrow)

San Holo is rapidly becoming one of my favorite artists ever. I saw him live at Bonnaroo and then was inspired to dive a bit deeper into his discography afterward. I only found tracks and mixes that increased my respect for his production and DJing skills. “The Future” is a lighter, calmer track that incorporates light melodies and full synth cords. It has a pleasantly emotional vibe.

4. Kasbo – Lay It On Me (Feat. Keiynan Lonsdale)

Kasbo teased this track on his Cry/Dance mix and I really think it is one of the best examples of how his sound can make you feel energized and happy but bittersweet and nostalgic at the same time. A lot of his music feels like a fond memory.

5. San Holo @ EDC Las Vegas 2017

The worst part about not being at EDC Las Vegas is having to watch what you’re missing on social media. Sick drops, insane crowds, and crazy visuals that you can never really replicate in a video. However, a few artists have blessed us with full recordings of their live set, and after seeing San Holo at Bonnaroo just a couple weeks ago I had to check if it was the very same set that had blown my mind in person. Lucky for me, it was, and I get to re-live this masterfully crafted mix and share it with you all. Enjoy.



As the northern hemisphere slowly descends into a deep freeze, we all need something to be happy about. For some, this happiness will come from the company of loved ones, the altruistic spirit of the holidays, or the warmth of a yule log softly crackling as snow drifts from the nighttime sky in the timeless dance of winter. For more fun people this happiness will come in the form of great indie EDM tunes that make every one of the above situations more enjoyable. Luckily, November was full of great tracks that will warm your heart and get your holiday parties trapping.

As always, we start with some bangers. Flume and Point Point kick us off with some heavy future bass, and Virtual Riot and Bearson fuse popular elements of EDM into great songs to sing along to. After about a dozen tracks we start to slow it down with some brand new Jai Wolf, Vallis Alps, and Fhin. This is some of the best downtempo electronica out there, and each song deserves multiple listens to appreciate its profound musicality. Chill vibes eventually transition to some pop-house electronica, which then melts away in the face of some hardcore trap. Fans of RL Grime’s Halloween V mix may find these ragers familiar. A bit of grimey rap and deep house sneak in there as the trap beats fade away, and before you know it we’re back to uplifting EDM. Don’t stop listening here, though, there’s a treasure trove of alt-rock still left for you to enjoy. As per usual, the end of the playlist is a pleasantly weird mix of tracks that bounce around the ambient side of the electronic spectrum.

In order to navigate this playlist and personalize your experience, here is a general breakdown of the vibes:

  • Songs 1-9: Upbeat electronica
  • Songs 10-22: Downtempo electronica
  • Songs 23-32: Pop/house/funk electronica
  • Songs 33-50: Trap/rap
  • Songs 51-55: Deep house
  • Songs 56-65: Upbeat electronica
  • Songs 66-77: Alternative rock
  • Songs 78-100: Miscellaneous electronica



Bryson Tiller + The Weeknd – Rambo (The Weeknd Remix)

The Weeknd actually spits some hard bars on this one. We all heard a bit of a precursor to this new, faster Weeknd vibe on Future’s track “Low Life”, where Able sped it up a bit but still rocked the notes in the chorus. I’m excited for where this trend leads. Keep an eye on Able as he continues to dominate. Enjoy below.

Ariana Grande & The Weeknd – Love Me Harder (Gryffin Remix)

After being silent for four months, Gryffin is finally back to end 2015 on a high note. Combining the iconic vocals from this pop hit with the signature Gryffin cloud-pop sound creates a smooth listen that is at once familiar but new. Enjoy the track below, good for chilling.

The Weeknd – The Hills (RL Grime Remix)

If you want a banger to up your Wednesday I have one for you right here. RL Grime has been putting in work with his signature trap sounds but he’s also been rocking shows under his progressive house moniker Clockwork. This track could be said to be right in the middle of those two sounds, showing his talent in the production of diverse sounds. While he keeps some of the original’s sensual vibes, he immediately lets you know that this track is gonna be a party song with the clapping effect to lead the song and catch your attention. He re-introduces the effect for the drop and proceeds to kill it. Enjoy below.

The Weeknd – Can’t Feel My Face (Martin Garrix Remix)

Just in the time for the weekend Martin Garrix has treated us to a fresh new remix of “Can’t Feel My Face” by the Weeknd. One of my favorite producers, Garrix is riding the immense success of his hit single “Don’t Look Down” that you can hear on radio stations everywhere. A simple progressive house beat with a bit of a techno/dubstep feel, this song would be a good one to start warming up a party with. Enjoy below.

Matt D’Emic – Guest Curator

Matt D'Emic

My good friend Matt D’Emic has recently dropped a couple of playlists that I think are definitely worth a listen from any fan of The Economix. Without Matt’s encouragement and guidance during my early ventures into the blogosphere I may have never made a home for myself in this wonderful world of online music. I reached the event horizon of the black hole that is MP3 blogging when Matt showed me Hype Machine, the website that serves as my primary tool in finding new music.

For people that constantly share music, opinions, and thoughts, Matt and I diverge significantly in how we listen to, curate, and explore music. I’d liken my own style to the intensity of a laser beam – extremely focused on individual songs or artists and how they relate to each other in meticulously ordered playlists. This occasionally leads me to overlook the broader scope of the music industry and the innumerable relationships between artists that make it a truly exceptional thing to explore. Matt does not seem to have this problem. He is more like a floodlight – a broader, more relaxed approach to a complex industry that takes into account the total body of work of each artist and their development over time. You can see that in his playlists – they’re meant to be put on shuffle and just vibed to. Order doesn’t matter, only mood.

Take the time to flip that shuffle button on and press play. “watch me unfold” is an ideal playlist for when you’re being “a freak in the sheets” (Matt’s own words), while “forest fires” is a collection of Matt’s favorite hip-hop songs. Hip-hop is an under-addressed area on this blog so I definitely appreciate any insight into that genre. Check out the playlists below and give him a follow on Soundcloud.