Death Team – Work


Swedish duo Death Team caught my ear last year with their catchy single “Messed Up,” an energetic and poppy electronic production with an addicting sound. “Work” is a solid follow-up that explores their sound with less of a party feel but just as much replay-ability. Electronic chords bounce around the background while Icona Pop-esque vocals lament the necessity of work and question the meaning of life – an intense theme set against a happy instrumental in an ironic dichotomy. Enjoy below!

Leonell Cassio – From Me, To You

Stockholm-based Leonell Cassio is back with another “emotional bass” track and it’s a chill experiment in future bass production. Natural melodies of soft vocals and light piano ease the listener into the track before Leonell hits them with a gentle drop with fills that bounce up and down with a lighthearted feel. Another step forward for this aspiring producer. Enjoy below!

Death Team – Messed Up

“Messed Up” is an pop-rap track from the Swedish duo Death Team that instantly caught my ear. Superbly catchy, this track gives off a strong Die Antwoord vibe with a little less weird and a little more danceablity. Not exactly a party track, but it’s on its way there. Recently named “New Band of the Week” by The Guardian, I’m sure we’ll have a lot more to hear from Death Team. Check it out below!


Swedish sibling-duo R0TH has followed up their quiet debut track “We Are” with the decidedly more energetic “UP2U,” a song that opens sounding like a 1980s rock ballad but quickly develops into a wonderfully complex indie electronic anthem. Be sure to keep these two on your radar going into the future. Enjoy below.

P.S. – The album art is pretty sweet, too.

Tracy Irve – Town

Tracy Irve is a new alternative duo out of Sweden comprised of siblings Linnea and Alexander Herlogsson, and they know how to create a chill vibe. Smooth, calm vocals complement a crisp beat to create an ambiance similar to The xx. They’ve already met with success on the Swedish charts, and hopefully the rest of the world can appreciate their talents, too. Enjoy below.

P.S. – Check out their really chill cover of Retrograde below, it really showcases Linnea’s vocal ability and the two siblings’ ability to work together.

Oracle North – Communion

If you like The xx, then you’ll definitely dig “Communion” by Oracle North, an alternative band out of Stockholm, Sweden. While their other two songs are very experimental and ambient, “Communion” harnesses a tribal beat, reverberating guitar, and dark vocals to create a calm yet powerful vibe. Enjoy below.