Death Team – Work


Swedish duo Death Team caught my ear last year with their catchy single “Messed Up,” an energetic and poppy electronic production with an addicting sound. “Work” is a solid follow-up that explores their sound with less of a party feel but just as much replay-ability. Electronic chords bounce around the background while Icona Pop-esque vocals lament the necessity of work and question the meaning of life – an intense theme set against a happy instrumental in an ironic dichotomy. Enjoy below!


Sunday 5elect – Vol. 023

Welcome to this week’s edition of Sunday 5elect, where Economix readers get insight into the top five tracks dominating my headphones right now.  This week is a fantastic mix of house music, future bass, and trip hop. Enjoy below!

1. Alex the Flipper – Wonder

Alex the Flipper first popped into my headphones with his lighthearted, ODESZA-esque single “Sands” and now he’s back with another track to help get your groove on. “Wonder” has a fun, house vibe that hits a sweet spot between energetic and chill. The bass thumps and filtered synths weave around catchy vocals to create positive vibes while the slow BPM and breaks in the song keep the energy level low enough to be a relaxing experience. Can’t wait for what’s next from Alex.

2. Win and Woo – Killer With A Smile (Feat. Molly Moore)

Chicago-based duo Win and Woo’s second original track “Killer With A Smile” is an upbeat, crisp song with a lot of feel-good energy. Molly Moore provides the catchy vocals while Win and Woo do their magic with the instrumental. Something that I’ve always loved about Win and Woo is their ability to fill a track with loud bass but not let it overwhelm the song. That ability is on full display in “Killer With A Smile”.

3. Mansionair – Easier (Electric Mantis Remix)

Electric Mantis is an artist with his finger on the pulse of EDM. It seems that whatever style is in vogue Electric Mantis can harness its tone and bend it in a way that matches his unique style. In the past he has applied his bit-heavy, futuristic style to house songs, trap, and even some psychedelic funk. “Easier” has a dark tone emphasized by heavy bass hits, sorrowful vocals, and amazing future bass fills that rapidly ascend and descend in a way that conveys feelings of volatility and intense emotion.

4. oshi – #oshicanrap / throne

oshi has had an intense couple of months on social media with repeated calls for help, a brief hiatus, and now a few very dark track releases in a row. Music is a form of self expression and “#oshicanrap / throne” expresses recognition of being in a bad place but determination to keep grinding and take the throne. And damn, this beat slams. oshi mentions that he recorded the rap on his phone and “yes its horribly mixed” so maybe we’ll get a refined version in the future. Until then, this is more than enough for me.

5. Too Future. Guest mix 073 – BLU J

BLU J consistently put out house bangers so when I saw their name on top of a Too Future. mix I was sure I was in for a bumping, clubby time. What I found was very different, and truly an amazing set. BLU J masterfully mixes future bass, house music, deep house, and their own unique brand of house into a fun-filled and very energetic 42 minutes. A must-listen that accurately captures this moment in electronic music.


OkayChé – Yo Jam ft. Dom X


Cleveland, Ohio-based artist OkayChé has released a new single off his upcoming Friendzone EP and it’s a well-crafted indie hip-hop track that perfectly blends dancefloor vibes with top-notch lyricism. Produced by Ché himself, the instrumental has a strong late-90s party jam flavor with rolling snares, bouncing beats, and a choice sample of Ghost Town DJ’s “My Boo”. In each verse OkayChé and his fellow Pressure Squad member Dom X spit crisp bars in the pursuit of beautiful women. After a couple of listens, this track will become yo jam, yo song. Enjoy below!


Death Team – Messed Up

“Messed Up” is an pop-rap track from the Swedish duo Death Team that instantly caught my ear. Superbly catchy, this track gives off a strong Die Antwoord vibe with a little less weird and a little more danceablity. Not exactly a party track, but it’s on its way there. Recently named “New Band of the Week” by The Guardian, I’m sure we’ll have a lot more to hear from Death Team. Check it out below!

Bryson Tiller + The Weeknd – Rambo (The Weeknd Remix)

The Weeknd actually spits some hard bars on this one. We all heard a bit of a precursor to this new, faster Weeknd vibe on Future’s track “Low Life”, where Able sped it up a bit but still rocked the notes in the chorus. I’m excited for where this trend leads. Keep an eye on Able as he continues to dominate. Enjoy below.

ANTWON – 100k

SoCal rapper ANTWON drops some smooth bars on top of a fantastically produced beat in this strong single. Check out this song below and his new EP Double Ecstasy on iTunes and Spotify.

D∆WN – Not Above That

Masterful mixing of percussion and vocal chops immediately caught my ear on this track. Big Easy-based afro-future artist D∆WN is prepping for the release of her upcoming album RED*emp*tion and has succeeded in getting me hyped. Enjoy below.