Death Team – Work


Swedish duo Death Team caught my ear last year with their catchy single “Messed Up,” an energetic and poppy electronic production with an addicting sound. “Work” is a solid follow-up that explores their sound with less of a party feel but just as much replay-ability. Electronic chords bounce around the background while Icona Pop-esque vocals lament the necessity of work and question the meaning of life – an intense theme set against a happy instrumental in an ironic dichotomy. Enjoy below!

Victoria Celestine – Something More

New female pop-artists are a dime a dozen nowadays but I don’t discount the genre because it’s extremely rewarding when you find someone you truly like in the mix. Today is one of those rewarding days. 18-year old Victoria Celestine is rocking an 80s pop vibe in her new song “Something More” that kind of reminds me of Great Good Fine Ok and the general progression toward retro sounds that I’ve observed recently in indie music. With soothing vocals, an energetic beat, and a lot of potential, Victoria delivers a hit with this track. Enjoy below and give her a follow on Soundcloud!