Phoebe Ryan – Boyz N Poizn

Indie songstress Phoebe Ryan’s newest track is “Boyz N Poizn” and it’s a lot more chill, intricate, and thoughtful than the title might suggest. It takes the form of a downtempo, almost melancholy, reflection on Phoebe’s love life, where all she does is “enjoy ’em and destroy ’em” until she feels what she wants to feel. According to Phoebe, this song is based on her actual life so if you’re thinking of approaching her when she’s on tour this summer, you know what you’re in for. The track is a great listen, enjoy below.

Phoebe Ryan – Chronic (The Knocks High in Harajuku Remix)

I have no idea what being high in Harajuku is like but after listening to this song I imagine it’s simultaneously energetic, funky, and soothing. Enjoy below.

Win & Woo – The Untitled Five

“As a thank you to everyone for all of your support over the year” Chicago-based indie-EDM duo Win & Woo have released an hour-long mixtape featuring all of their favorite songs from the past year as well as a few of their own tracks. I usually grow bored of mixes, but this one kept me engaged and energetic the entire time. It closely mirrors their live show, which was a fantastic experience. The flow is impeccable, and the song curation is on point. Some of my favorite tracks that are included are: “Belong” by EDX, “Better Off” by Filous, “Age of Innocence” by Elephante, and of course every Win & Woo track (but especially the “Mine” remix!). Check out the track below and download it for free from their website, it’s been awesome to follow these guys this year and honestly their music is one of the reasons I even got into this whole blogging adventure. Thanks Win & Woo!!!

Phoebe Ryan – Mine (Lash Remix)

I was initially skeptical of yet another remix of Phoebe Ryan’s “Mine,” but Lash destroyed my doubts by taking this track in yet another new direction I didn’t know possible. “Mine” got a bit over-remixed when it came out due to the amazing vocals and catchy original tune. However, the storm eventually died down and it’s been a while since we’ve heard from Phoebe or any of her remixers (it’s probably because she’s kicking ass on tour). The dry spell has ended, and Lash has succeeded in mixing deep house, future bass, and pop in a way that only they could. Enjoy the track below.

Jaymes Young and Phoebe Ryan – We Won’t

Two of my favorite new artists are back with a super-chill collaboration. With a male-female vocal overlay reminiscent of Oh Wonder, Jaymes and Phoebe start the song off smoothly before Jaymes takes his verse. Don’t worry, Phoebe will get her turn later in the song. The chorus is definitely my favorite part. It’s slow but catchy. The song has a lot of focus on ambient noise slowly building up the energy. Halfway through the chorus the volume of sound kind of sneaks up on you and becomes almost overwhelming, but it had been a slow crescendo the whole time. Check out Phoebe Ryan’s tour dates here (Jaymes isn’t on tour right now), and the track below. As a special treat, I’ve also included my favorite songs from each of them individually.


I’m pleased to announce the drop of this month’s mega-playlist, a three-hour monster named MayBe. Twice as long as the usual setlist that I produce, but maintaining the quality you’ve all come to know and love, I think there’s something for everyone in this one. The first few songs are heavy on the electronica and reach a fist-pumping peak with Ale Mora’s remix of “See You Again.” I then felt the need to mellow the mood out and the following songs quickly delve into the world of downtempo EDM and eventually some acoustic folk music with an appearance from Axel Flóvent (my favorite new Icelandic folk-singer). After bottoming out with Axel, we start climbing up the tempo mountain once again but this time into the realm of instrumental hip-hop. This brief rap adventure rapidly gives way to EDM once again, reaching a summit with CRNKN’s fantastic remix of “Lean On” by Major Lazer. Nearing the end of our 46-song journey, we slow down once more to appreciate the chill tunes of Priest and Lord Huron. However, we have to go out with a bang, so enjoy high-energy songs like Young Bombs’ remix of “Weekend Millionaires.” You might recognize some of the names on here (Wiz, Sam Smith, Chance, Fetty Wap, Oh Wonder, Dirty South) but I assure that you’ll find some new sounds from my recent favorites like Hopium, Prince Fox, Vanic, Priest, Le P, and Yuma X. Let me know what you think, and enjoy the playlist below!

Yuma X – Swimming Pool

Discovered earlier today by the music blog Hillydilly (I strongly recommend you follow them), “Swimming Pool” is the debut track by a new co-ed duo out of Australia named Yuma X. Their soft tones remind me of Oh Wonder, but they have a bit more rhythm to their sound. The smooth beat, clear vocals, and calm synths make this the ideal song to enjoy while sitting in a field at sunset. While this song is actually a cover of “Swimming Pool” by Ghoul, they take it in a completely different direction. Releasing a fresh cover as your debut track worked wonders for Phoebe Ryan after her cover of Ignition, maybe this will serve as a similar launching-pad for this young band’s nascent career. Enjoy the track below.