In the depths of winter, people look toward the warmer times ahead. Tickets are going on sale for Coachella, Firefly, Gov Ball, Paradiso, (insert every other festival here) as we speak and as the Festival Bubble continues to inflate the lineups continue to get more ridiculously packed with great artists. It’s not the worst thing, you can see many of your favorite artists for a (usually) reasonable price and devote a whole day to nothing but enjoying music and friends. However, as I’ve begun to enjoy intimate, $10 concerts in underground venues or club-based events the sheen with which festivals used to shine in my eyes has faded to a dull luster. There’s another up-side to the phenomenon, though, at least for consumers of music: artists time up some of their best releases with the sale of the tickets to grab people’s attention and thus the depths of winter are full of songs that may well become summer jams. I’ve collected some of those for you below.

We start off with the energetic, happy electronica that I (and hopefully you) have come to love. Louis the Child has graciously presented us with another hit, Griz and Gramatik teamed up for a funky banger, and Pluto continues his journey to the stars with a hard-hitting remix of Yeezy and Future. We briefly flirt with some high-BPM bass of the “future” and “drum and” varieties before settling into some poppy, yet crisp house music and light trap. Trap music’s low BPM provides a smooth transition into some chill electronica and alt-rock – the focus here is on the calming bass and the emotional vocals that make this my favorite part of the playlist. The calm vibes eventually give way to house, and then rap, and then, inevitably, bass house, techno house, and full-on disgusting trap music. You know this part of the playlist, insanely aggressive but fantastic in the right context. The last part of the playlist is less eclectic than usual – you can think of it as a toned-down version of the start of the playlist. These songs aren’t any worse, they’re just a bit less energetic and more scattered across the vibe spectrum. To go out with a flourish, I have some funky house and alt-rock for you in the last couple of songs. Be sure to like and repost on Soundcloud if you’re feeling the set. Enjoy!

Vibe Guide:

  • 1-15: Energetic electronica
  • 16-19: Pop house
  • 20-24: Chill trap
  • 25-40: Chill electronica and alternative
  • 41-44: Electronica with rap
  • 45-47: Bass house
  • 48-51: Techno house
  • 52-58: Trap
  • 59-74: Electronica
  • 75-86: Funky house
  • 87-95: Ambient electronica and alt-rock

OkayChé – Yo Jam ft. Dom X


Cleveland, Ohio-based artist OkayChé has released a new single off his upcoming Friendzone EP and it’s a well-crafted indie hip-hop track that perfectly blends dancefloor vibes with top-notch lyricism. Produced by Ché himself, the instrumental has a strong late-90s party jam flavor with rolling snares, bouncing beats, and a choice sample of Ghost Town DJ’s “My Boo”. In each verse OkayChé and his fellow Pressure Squad member Dom X spit crisp bars in the pursuit of beautiful women. After a couple of listens, this track will become yo jam, yo song. Enjoy below!


Unlike Pluto – Found You (feat. Michelle Buzz)

Unlike Pluto has released the third track in a series of similarly-named hits (“Waiting For You”, “Searching For You”, and now “Found You”) and it’s a crisply produced, powerful banger. What begins with slow piano chords and sultry female vocals quickly builds up into one of the most clever and musically satisfying drops I’ve heard in a while. Check it out below.



This one is designed to get you moving. Whether it’s your weekly rager or your daily workout, the songs on this playlist will add enough energy to your routine to push it over the edge. It’s kind of pointless to try to classify most EDM music, but this would largely be considered trap, house, and future bass in this playlist. You might notice that this playlist is very aggressive and very long. I stacked most of my absolute favorites near the front, but I encourage you to shuffle this playlist to discover some of the gems in the back and make each listen a unique pump-up experience. Enjoy below, not for the feint of heart.

WDL – Hurricane Highlife

WDL has crafted a nice little tune that gives a pretty sweet yet confusing vibe. Feels like the beginning of a weekend: lots of energy, not sure how it’s all going to be expressed. Enjoy below.

Chase & Status – Time (DSFGR Flip)

I’ve been noticing two broader trends in the electronic music industry recently:

  1. “Future bass” is the sound of the season.
  2. Australians are kicking ass.

Here we have a combo of the two with DSFGR, hailing from Perth, remixing “Time” into a future-bass banger replete with oscillating synth and crisp snares. After hearing this one, I went back through his older tracks and found that he has a solid mix of originals and remixes, all falling under the category of energetic electronica. I’m definitely looking forward to the next track, enjoy “Time” and “Blank VIP” below.

Snavs – Time

It’s basically the weekend, turn up with this trap, future-bass masterpiece by Snavs. Every time you think there can’t be another drop that turns up, you’re wrong. Until the song ends, of course. Then you’re correct. Until that point, it’s a great journey and a high-quality track for any party playlist. Enjoy below