Koven – Get This Right (Pilot Remix)

Pilot continues his ascent before our very eyes with his latest track, a high-energy and melodic remix of “Get This Right” by Koven. The defining characteristic of this mix is the soaring synth riff that marks the first drop, a bold musical choice that accentuates the passionate vocals while also giving Pilot a some room to be creative in his later drops (stick around to the last one). Enjoy the track below, and give Pilot a follow on Soundcloud below!

slushii – Destiny (Original Mix)

EDM wunderkind slushii recently released his debut album, titled Brain Freeze, and while I haven’t yet listened to it all the way through, I like what I’ve heard so far. In the record, slushii hits his signature balance between chill, melodic tracks and over-the-top aggressive dubstep. This track falls into the category of the former. “Destiny” has an interesting feel. It gives an 8-bit vibe, like it wouldn’t be out of place in the soundtrack for a video game. I imagine that the fast-paced, soft synths that echo in the background are fitting for a nighttime race through the streets of Tokyo. It’s a dreamy track, experience it for yourself. Enjoy below.

Jai Wolf – Drive (feat. Chain Gang of 1974)

It’s been a while, Jai. Largely silent after his release of the original track “Indian Summer,” Jai has spent his winter touring and remixing away. Now that spring has sprung, our favorite wolf is giving us a jam to celebrate it to. Wistful, energetic, a bit bittersweet, and overall fantastic, “Drive” incorporates some sounds I’d associate with synthy alt-rock but keeps true to Jai Wolf’s electronic future-bass core. Enjoy the track below and share with your friends.

Slushii – Sapient Dream (Original Mix)

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 6.17.17 PM

If you thought Slushii was only about those extremely aggressive dubstep drops, you were wrong. The latest track from this prolific instant-star is a melodic exploration of the calmer side of electronica. Vocalized synths and rolling snares take you on a slowly intensifying journey punctuated by calming piano chords and periods of silence. Enjoy below, and learn more about this young new artist here.

Slushii – Closer

Slushii has absolutely no chill. His eighth release in three weeks is another high-energy EDM onslaught with crisp beats and smooth vocals that lure you in before he hits you with the satisfying drop. The fact that he has released two originals to go alongside his six remixes shows that he’s not just a copy artist that needs other people’s hooks to make a good song. Looking forward to more from Slushii – check out my profile of his breakout into the EDM scene here

Bad Wave – Good Girls

Coming hot off their debut Soundcloud single “Runaway,” LA-based duo Bad Wave have released another poppy anthem. This one relies a bit heavier on the retro synth sound, and soaring vocals occasionally remind one of a Passion Pit song. Bad Wave themselves describe their sound best: like pop-punk shot through the filter of glassy ’80s electronica. Enjoy the track below and check out their other single, Runaway! Looking forward to more from this duo.

Andrew Grant – Slow Burn

A few months ago I incessantly used the term “slow burner” to describe a track that was low-key and low-BPM but high-energy. Implicitly powerful. Andrew Grant describes his own song for me in the title, and it’s an apt characterization. Bass, dark synths, and sultry vocals come together to make this a very satisfying track. Enjoy below.