Sunday 5elect – Vol. 037

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Sunday 5elect, where Economix readers get insight into the top five tracks dominating my headphones right now. This week is filled with happy, energetic vibes. Enjoy below!

1. Gill Chang – Story (feat. Cimo Fränkel)

Gill Chang took his bouncing synth sound in a different direction with this catchy track. “Story” lures in the listener with a soft horn before Cimo Fränkel comes in with some amazing vocals that certify this song as “radio-ready”. The horns in the chorus are the cherry on top.

2. DR. FRESCH – Sick (Original Mix)

This beat is sick. Dr. Fresch continues pumping out heat with this intense bass house track with a self-descriptive title. Classic vocal samples (including an on-the-nose robot voice) give “Sick” a familiar vibe while contributing some very solid content on the production.

3. Lorde – Green Light (Hotel Garuda Remix)

Hotel Garuda have such a powerful, fun sound that when you put vocals as stunning as Lorde’s on top of one of their tracks then you have a guaranteed indie dance hit. Stylistic touches like a pronounced breakdown before the first drop make this an homage to the original’s pop sound while taking it in a danceable EDM direction.

4. Kill Paris – where r u

The new Kill Paris track “where r u” came with great news – there’s an EP on the way too. The song is all good vibes. There’s no drawn out drop, super pleasant vocal chops and samples, and the rumbling bass during the chorus makes me happy. Can’t ask for much more than that.

5. The Magician – Magic Tape 70

The Magician dropping a new Tape is something I can look forward to every month. As always, the transitions are impeccable, the house music is new, and it’s perfect to do work to. A great resource to have for finals week.


Slushii – Sapient Dream (Original Mix)

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 6.17.17 PM

If you thought Slushii was only about those extremely aggressive dubstep drops, you were wrong. The latest track from this prolific instant-star is a melodic exploration of the calmer side of electronica. Vocalized synths and rolling snares take you on a slowly intensifying journey punctuated by calming piano chords and periods of silence. Enjoy below, and learn more about this young new artist here.

Marshmello – CoLoUR (Original Mix)

Today grocery store-based producer Marshmello has released his latest contribution to the EDM universe, a pretty chill track that’s likely designed to showcase his unique, almost 8-bit, style and the inherent danceability that he gives it. I really like the track. Someone should rap over it. Enjoy below.

Slushii – Closer

Slushii has absolutely no chill. His eighth release in three weeks is another high-energy EDM onslaught with crisp beats and smooth vocals that lure you in before he hits you with the satisfying drop. The fact that he has released two originals to go alongside his six remixes shows that he’s not just a copy artist that needs other people’s hooks to make a good song. Looking forward to more from Slushii – check out my profile of his breakout into the EDM scene here

Cash For Sex – Hey Mama (Original Mix)

Every once in a while you find a song from an artist that you’ve never heard of that just blows you away. I’ve been searching for a new, upbeat, techno song to keep me going throughout the day (mostly because I’ve listened to Illenium’s remix of “Disarm You” 1000x in the last week and need to switch it up) and today the music genie that is Hype Machine decided to grant me my wish. Cash For Sex gets straight to the point (both the concept and the artist) and you can tell from the start that this will be a dancehall classic. As soon as the deep-house vibes creep in you might worry it’s going to be too “clubby” but give it some time. Layering pop vocals with a custom deep-house meets nu-disco instrumental, Dublin-based Cash For Sex pulls off a track that’s perfect to play in the middle of a party to keep people on the dance floor singing the lyrics they love. Enjoy below and I’m looking forward to more from Cash For Sex.