Monthly Mix 028 || April 2017


Oooh baby. April was a fantastic month of music. If you took all of my favorite electronic artists and put their names back to back it would look pretty DAMN. close to this month’s playlist. Per usual, artists start putting out work as soon all of the festival tickets go on sale and I’m not complaining. Recently locked in going to Bonnaroo myself and I’m beyond hyped. Almost every one of these songs is conducive to some sort of party, get-together, or happy time with friends – whether it’s raging at a concert, bouncing at a club, bumping at a house party, or vibing with your close friends.

We start off with the best of the best. A new release from ODESZA, a banging remix from Win & Woo, a stunning take on Wall Fuck by Gramatik and Ramzoid. After a brief venture into indie pop thx to SAKIMA and kiiara we experiment with some chiller indie electronica full of pleasant melodies and warm chords. Enjoy it while it lasts – the more energetic the songs become the closer we are to a massive house, deep house, trap section of the playlist that gets continually more experimental and (sometimes) absurd. This section is the cutting edge of sound experimentation in electronic music, and when it hits you in new ways it’s hitting right.

Once you pass through the gauntlet you’re in for some nice hip-hop courtesy of Frank Ocean, D.R.A.M., Goldlink and AMINÉ that blends seamlessly into a brief bit of funky electronica. The home stretch is a great selection of upbeat and happy future bass and general electronica that gently slows down to a quiet end with acoustic vibes. Enjoy below!

Vibe guide:

  • 1-26: Energetic electronica
  • 27-43: Increasingly aggressive deep house music
  • 44-62: Trap
  • 63-70: Hip-hop
  • 71-95: Energetic future bass
  • 96-99: Chill electronica and acoustic vibes

Kiiara – Hang up tha phone

The last single off her aptly named debut EP low kii savage, “Hang up tha phone” is an ode to simplicity and a reminder of why kiiara captured our musical hearts over this past year.  This midwestern songstress has spun us a couple of tunes that could be considered love songs – “Feels” and “Say anymore” – but this is one is different. It’s calmer, a bit more vulnerable, and conveys a sense of quiet longing that makes you think about the future. Enjoy below.

Kiiara – Feels (Jai Wolf Remix)

My boy Jai Wolf is finally back in the remix game after taking a break to tour the country (it’s not over, go see him live!) and this is a damn strong return. I mean, Feels has had the living hell remixed out of it but it’s kinda different when someone like Jai Wolf takes it on. Jai frames the iconic vocals with a synth buildup that brings energy and complexity. Enjoy below.

kiiara – Say Anymore

kiiara and Felix Snow have been two of my favorite artists of 2015 and it’s a real treat to hear them working together on “Say Anymore.” This song is weirdly the same yet different from kiiara’s other tracks, all of which have blown up the indie scene and received millions of plays on Soundcloud. In one word, I’d describe it as “minimalist.” Enjoy the catchy track below.

Kiiara – Feels (Hotel Garuda Remix)

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of kiiara, and “Feels” just so happens to be my favorite songs she’s put out. Given that, I was initially skeptical when I pressed play on this one. I mean, how can you improve on something so good? Well Manilla Killa (whom I had the opportunity to see live and speak to when I was in D.C.) and Candle weather have pulled off the unlikely. They reduce the track even further by focusing on baselines with overlaid vocals, yet add more energy with a calm, clean snare and masterfully produced ambient synth. The breakdown around 2:20 is just a proverbial cherry on the cake. Enjoy the track below.

kiiara – Intention

kiiara has been the textbook definition of a HypeM success story. Capturing our collective attention with her debut track “Gold,” this Illinois native has hit a home run with every subsequent track (my personal favorite being “Feels” – included below). Apparently all of these singles will come together for her Meet Me In The Cornfield EP coming out soon. I’m excited. As to this track, the vocals take on a slightly less ethereal vibe and more into the world of indie pop. With the classic vocal chops that kiiara has become known for, the track is catchy, indie, electronic, and poppy all at the same time. Props to her producer on this one, Casper & B. Check it out below, it’s a nice one.


And we’re back. School’s in full swing, and I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling some tectonic shifts in my lifestyle, self-perception, and goals. Luckily, my taste in music hasn’t changed. The past few weeks have provided us with a virtual treasure trove of great songs and it was difficult to narrow it down to only 53. Regardless, cuts had to be made and we’re left with only the best. If someone ever asks you “What type of music does Seamus listen to?” just play them the first 20 songs of this playlist because it’s pretty much the perfect sample with appearances from artists as diverse as Kiiara, GRiZ, and NGHTMRE. After that I took it down several notches with the energy’s nadir occurring somewhere in between Kygo’s two Piano Jams. With a few acoustic indie songs as a bridge to bring us back up to normal energy levels, I attempt a return back to an energetic, yet slightly alternative peak with a flavor of deep house courtesy of Slaptop. The rest of the playlist is a bit of a hodgepodge of random songs that I couldn’t truly make flow but was not willing to cut out of the playlist because I like each of them very much individually. Be ready for a few mood swings along this journey. Enjoy below.