What So Not – Lone (Slow Hours Remix)


It’s not easy to take a What So Not track and turn it up another notch, but the newly formed French collective Slow Hours has pulled it off. Coming together to create a better network of young producers in France, Slow Hours is made up of Kidswaste, Khamsin, Lain, Kultur, Rusty Hook and Astre. I’ve been a big fan of some of these artists for a while now, and I have a feeling I’m about to become a fan of all of them. This track hits hard on the first drop and doesn’t let up. A perfect blend of future bass fills, soaring vocals, and glitchy distortion make the song aggressive but subtly melodic. I’m looking forward to more from Slow Hours. Enjoy below!

Khamsin & LeMarquis – Leaving (feat. Saavan)

Future bass masters Khamsin and LeMarquis have teamed up for this skillful, chill track that intricately mixes guitar riffs, soft vocals, and synth fills. I was honestly surprised when the first sound I heard on a Khamsin track was the soft twang of an acoustic guitar, and was very impressed when these artists managed to blend it into a beautiful electronic song. Enjoy below.