Alexx Mack – Whatever I Want (Kapre Remix)


Our boy Kapre is back with a tune that’s on a whole new level. A new, refined production approach and perfectly chopped vocals make this track an addicting hit. Energetic drops rumble with bass in a way that adds tons of energy but doesn’t overwhelm, and the calmer verses allow the listener an opportunity to enjoy Alexx Mack and recharge. Enjoy below!

Le Boeuf – Waiting For You (Kapre Remix)


Our friend Kapre has released his 3rd track and it’s a feel-good song with a tropical house flavor. The young producer is rapidly building a strong content base filled with positive vibes and upbeat tempos. This one takes the acoustic vibes and smooth vocals of the original and channels it into a dance-floor tune that chases away the feelings of cold winter. Enjoy below!

Lenno – Some Lovin (Kapre Remix)

Sometimes you just need a high-energy, positive track to get you going. Next time you feel like that, Kapre has you covered. This young producer has flipped Lenno’s “Some Lovin” into a fun track with high-reaching melodies and a pleasantly bouncing bass. Only Kapre’s second track and it’s very promising. Enjoy below!