Sunday 5elect – Vol. 037

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Sunday 5elect, where Economix readers get insight into the top five tracks dominating my headphones right now. This week is filled with happy, energetic vibes. Enjoy below!

1. Gill Chang – Story (feat. Cimo Fränkel)

Gill Chang took his bouncing synth sound in a different direction with this catchy track. “Story” lures in the listener with a soft horn before Cimo Fränkel comes in with some amazing vocals that certify this song as “radio-ready”. The horns in the chorus are the cherry on top.

2. DR. FRESCH – Sick (Original Mix)

This beat is sick. Dr. Fresch continues pumping out heat with this intense bass house track with a self-descriptive title. Classic vocal samples (including an on-the-nose robot voice) give “Sick” a familiar vibe while contributing some very solid content on the production.

3. Lorde – Green Light (Hotel Garuda Remix)

Hotel Garuda have such a powerful, fun sound that when you put vocals as stunning as Lorde’s on top of one of their tracks then you have a guaranteed indie dance hit. Stylistic touches like a pronounced breakdown before the first drop make this an homage to the original’s pop sound while taking it in a danceable EDM direction.

4. Kill Paris – where r u

The new Kill Paris track “where r u” came with great news – there’s an EP on the way too. The song is all good vibes. There’s no drawn out drop, super pleasant vocal chops and samples, and the rumbling bass during the chorus makes me happy. Can’t ask for much more than that.

5. The Magician – Magic Tape 70

The Magician dropping a new Tape is something I can look forward to every month. As always, the transitions are impeccable, the house music is new, and it’s perfect to do work to. A great resource to have for finals week.


Sunday 5elect – Vol. 008

Welcome to this week’s edition of Sunday 5elect, where Economix readers get insight into the top five tracks dominating my headphones right now. Very excited about this one, lots of happy vibes and powerful beats. Enjoy below.

1. Hotel Garuda – Fixed on You (feat. Violet Days)

One part Manila Killa, one part Candle Weather, the duo Hotel Garuda has been churning out high-quality dance hits that range from the very poppy to the very deep. This song hits a balance between the two, keeping it singable but not holding back on the drop.

2. Speaker of the House x REMMI – Awake, Asleep

Speaker of the House is the master of chill tracks with beautiful melodies. This time he teamed up with REMMI to take it in a more upbeat, future bass direction and it’s a great vibe. Oscillating fills accent the space in between each vocal riff, providing a well balanced song with a lot of replayability.

3. Chinese Slippers – Nightlike ft g♡soiid

I know next to nothing about Chinese Slippers, but I know that this song is weirdly catchy. This artist’s M.O. seems to be to take the vocals of a pop song up a couple of octaves, speed them up, and then craft a high-tempo instrumental to go behind it. “Nightlike” is my favorite example.

4. Mazde – Neverland feat. Khary

Mazde and Khary go hard on this one, creating an electronic rap anthem with lyrics as addicting as the beat. This song explores a familiar disillusionment with success and the hard work required to get there, yet succeeds in hyping you up for the journey.

5. Martin Solveig MyHouse September 2016 Mix Show

“Hey everyone welcome to your favorite online Soundcloud show, it’s called ‘My House'” begins Martin Solveig at the start of this month’s mix. This one keeps a mid-range energy level throughout, punctuated with playful commentary from Solveig himself. A good mix to explore what’s going on in house music right now.

Hotel Garuda – Smoke Signals

Hotel Garuda has dropped their debut original and it’s a dancefloor banger. Even if deep house isn’t really your thing I think you’ll be able to appreciate how addictive this beat is. This duo, comprised of Manilla Killa and Candle Weather, has had a big year full of HypeM-topping remixes, a debut tour, and even a record deal. Damn. I hope it only goes up and up for them. Enjoy below.

Manila Killa – All That’s Left (feat. Joni Fatora)

Manila Killa has blessed us with his first original track and it’s an impressive piece that reflects his original sound and growth as an artist. A largely downtempo track featuring sultry vocals, funky sythwork and beautiful piano chords, “All That’s Left” bends genres and displays an intricate understanding of how to make a damn good track. Possibly better known for his work as 1/2 of Hotel Garuda, Manila Killa has been playing sweet live shows around the U.S. for a while now. He opened for Sweater Beats in DC last year and absolutely killed it. I’m confident the journey upward will continue for this talented young producer.

Kiiara – Feels (Hotel Garuda Remix)

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of kiiara, and “Feels” just so happens to be my favorite songs she’s put out. Given that, I was initially skeptical when I pressed play on this one. I mean, how can you improve on something so good? Well Manilla Killa (whom I had the opportunity to see live and speak to when I was in D.C.) and Candle weather have pulled off the unlikely. They reduce the track even further by focusing on baselines with overlaid vocals, yet add more energy with a calm, clean snare and masterfully produced ambient synth. The breakdown around 2:20 is just a proverbial cherry on the cake. Enjoy the track below.


And we’re back. School’s in full swing, and I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling some tectonic shifts in my lifestyle, self-perception, and goals. Luckily, my taste in music hasn’t changed. The past few weeks have provided us with a virtual treasure trove of great songs and it was difficult to narrow it down to only 53. Regardless, cuts had to be made and we’re left with only the best. If someone ever asks you “What type of music does Seamus listen to?” just play them the first 20 songs of this playlist because it’s pretty much the perfect sample with appearances from artists as diverse as Kiiara, GRiZ, and NGHTMRE. After that I took it down several notches with the energy’s nadir occurring somewhere in between Kygo’s two Piano Jams. With a few acoustic indie songs as a bridge to bring us back up to normal energy levels, I attempt a return back to an energetic, yet slightly alternative peak with a flavor of deep house courtesy of Slaptop. The rest of the playlist is a bit of a hodgepodge of random songs that I couldn’t truly make flow but was not willing to cut out of the playlist because I like each of them very much individually. Be ready for a few mood swings along this journey. Enjoy below.