ALIGN – Daydreaming

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If you need a reason to be even more excited for this summer you need to check out Chicago-based producer ALIGN. His sample-based electronic style is clean, refreshing, and warm to the ears. “Daydreaming” is a perfect example of how happy his music can make you feel. Peaceful ambient sounds are expertly intertwined with gently rumbling bass and sparkling synths to create an atmosphere of sunshine and relaxation. Perfect for a drive down a sunny road or a beach vibe session. Enjoy below and give ALIGN a follow on Soundcloud!

Kidswaste – More Colors


“More Colors” is the first track off of Kidswaste’s first EP and it’s a beautiful example of how his downtempo style of electronica is simultaneously relaxing and inspiring. This young French producer is no stranger to hits – his ambient masterpiece “Free” has been played nearly a million times on Soundcloud and his remix of Chet Porter’s “tbh ily” effortlessly incorporates twinkling percussion and driving bass to create an air of carefree energy. “More Colors” is upbeat and ethereal. Soothing vocal chops are laid over soaring synths in a way that makes the sound exciting and reassuring. Enjoy the new track below along with other Kidswaste favorites, and pre-order Kidswaste’s EP here.

Koven – Get This Right (Pilot Remix)

Pilot continues his ascent before our very eyes with his latest track, a high-energy and melodic remix of “Get This Right” by Koven. The defining characteristic of this mix is the soaring synth riff that marks the first drop, a bold musical choice that accentuates the passionate vocals while also giving Pilot a some room to be creative in his later drops (stick around to the last one). Enjoy the track below, and give Pilot a follow on Soundcloud below!

Flume – Say It (feat. Tove Lo)

Flume’s new song is as beautiful as his last two, and his upcoming Skin EP is shaping up to be one of the most highly anticipated albums of 2016. Full of potent percussion, elegant melodies, and emotional vigor, this track is a melancholy ode to ambiguous love.  Tove Lo’s longing vocals perfectly match the drawn-out synths that erupt from the speakers to highlight the beautifully crafted chorus, and the song really feels like it tells a developing story. Enjoy the fantastic track below.

HONNE & Izzy Bizu – Someone That Loves You

HONNE & Izzy Bizu have teamed up for a chill yet upbeat song that warms your heart. With vocal filters and lingering synths typical of HONNE’s style, this song emits an accepting and calm vibe. The snare beat is like the railroad track that guides you on this fun little journey. Great vocals and playful choruses only add to the experience. Enjoy below.

Bryce Fox – Burn Fast (Louis Vivet Remix)

Louis Vivet have been all about those good vibes from the beginning and that trend continues here today on their remix of Bryce Fox’s debut original “Burn Fast.” Poppy vocals combine with Louis Vivet’s melodic synthwork to create an easy listen. Hopefully this will brighten up your Thursday. Enjoy below.

Phoebe Ryan – Mine (Lash Remix)

I was initially skeptical of yet another remix of Phoebe Ryan’s “Mine,” but Lash destroyed my doubts by taking this track in yet another new direction I didn’t know possible. “Mine” got a bit over-remixed when it came out due to the amazing vocals and catchy original tune. However, the storm eventually died down and it’s been a while since we’ve heard from Phoebe or any of her remixers (it’s probably because she’s kicking ass on tour). The dry spell has ended, and Lash has succeeded in mixing deep house, future bass, and pop in a way that only they could. Enjoy the track below.