Great Good Fine Ok – Always

Masters of disco-pop Great Good Fine Ok have released their latest infectious hit “Always” and its a smooth ride. Never over the top but always brimming with energy, this is a low-key jam. Bouncing synth and soulful vocals perfectly compliment each other to create a late-spring anthem to warm up the dance floor or cool down with after the party. Enjoy below.

Great Good Fine Ok – Already Love

The world’s catchiest band Great Good Fine Ok is back with another disco-pop song to have on repeat for a few days. They show off their typical strengths in this one: catchy synthwork, on-point vocals, and poppiness. I know they’re on tour right now, and if you get a chance I highly recommend seeing them live. I had the opportunity to see them in Washington, D.C. last year and they really fostered a very fun atmosphere in the venue. They even stuck around after their set to talk to the fans, and are very friendly dudes. I think that reflects in their music. Enjoy below.

Great Good Fine Ok – Take It Or Leave It

I had the opportunity to see Great Good Fine Ok at the DC9 nightclub in Washington, DC this past summer and it was one of the best concert experiences of my life. The crowd was 50 people max, the venue was a bar with a simple raised platform for the band, and the vibe was calm. Then GGFO came out and rocked the hell out of the show. The energy was soaring, and the band sounded even better than on their EP. They even indulged us with a key-tar solo. Putting a proverbial cherry on the cake, the band even stuck around after the show and chatted with us for a while, bonding with my roommate about their common heritage from Albany area. That’s why this new track is extra-special to me. Keeping in line with their indie electro-pop vibes, this track is energetic and uplifting. Give it a listen below and try to see them live if you can!


I appear to have made another super long playlist. Clocking in at over three hours, I go deeper into different genres than usual. I start out with my favorite alternative/electronica as usual, but I quickly make the shift to hip-hop with one of my favorite tracks in recent memory called “Here” by Alessia Cara. After that we briefly dip into the acoustic life but come back with some alt-rock provided by Fickle Friends and Alejandro Meola. For some reason a nu-disco trend has been rising from the ashes of the 70s and a couple of the songs are actually good so you get a taste of that with Years and Years before we move into some heavier electronic. The last few songs are ultra-chill tropical house that will hopefully clear your head after listening to so many genres. Enjoy the setlist below.