Leonell Cassio – From Me, To You

Stockholm-based Leonell Cassio is back with another “emotional bass” track and it’s a chill experiment in future bass production. Natural melodies of soft vocals and light piano ease the listener into the track before Leonell hits them with a gentle drop with fills that bounce up and down with a lighthearted feel. Another step forward for this aspiring producer. Enjoy below!


Sunday 5elect – Vol. 024

Welcome to this week’s edition of Sunday 5elect, where Economix readers get insight into the top five tracks dominating my headphones right now. This week goes really hard. Enjoy below!

1. Kaskade & deadmau5 – Move for Me (Hex Cougar Remix)

Hex Cougar has quickly emerged as my favorite producer in the game right now. Some of his best tracks are hidden away on his remix account Hex Cougar’s Hextras but these are professional-quality remixes that take songs in directions you never though they’d go. His remix of “Move for Me”is the perfect example. The airy vocals slowly fade in and out of the track while the instrumental slowly but surely builds up into an explosion of sound that is grating and powerful. This is a song hand-crafted for an amazing live experience.

2. Pluto – I Won

Aspiring producer Pluto has boosted his astronomical rise in the indie EDM scene with “I Won”, a heavy-hitting remix of the Kanye x Future song of the same name. Iconic lyrics interweave with bass-heavy production to create a party anthem ready to be loved by EDM and pop-rap fans alike.

3. Loud Luxury – Something To Say (AFTER:HRS Mixcut)

I caught this smooth house track in The Magician’s latest Magic Tape and was instantly hooked. The vocals are hypnotic, and when the bass hits on the first drop it’s impossible not to start bouncing. The lyrics are odd but the way they keep moving forward and tell a detailed story is captivating.


When Kasbo remixed this same tune by Big Gigantic into a chill masterpiece, I thought that I had heard the last re-imagining on the song. Then walks in Luca Lush. It would be hard to imagine a remix in a further direction from Kasbo’s, and it’s pretty amazing in its own, fucked-up, overwhelmingly aggressive trap way. In the right setting, at the peak of an amazing set, this song could be the highlight of someone’s night.

5. Vincent – Snowglobe 2016

Future-trap producer Vincent had the chance to strut his stuff on the main stage of Snowglobe this past December and he made the most of it. Full of his own remixes and a few promising IDs, this set perfectly walks the line between trap and melodic future bass music. Energetic, uplifting, and at times aggressive this is one of my favorite mixes I’ve heard in a bit.

New Portals – Winterskin (The FVRY Mix)

FVRY is an up-and-coming producer from N. Ireland who has found a unique sound – a prerequisite to success in this oversaturated electronic world. By blending the distorted synths of 80s-style synthwave with the hard-hitting bass of the modern future-bass era, FVRY is able to transform “Winterskin” into a deep, vibey track that packs a punch. Check it out below!

Módl – Unrequited (ft. Clare Szembek)


DC-based producer Módl is known for his banging future bass tracks, but his latest original single “Unrequited” showcases a chiller, more reflective vibe from the young artist. Clare Szembek provides soothing vocals ready to be chopped up, while the production itself is upbeat and exudes positive energy. The vibes remind me of an early Jai Wolf with a bit of Illenium thrown in there. Check it out below!

Crywolf – Slow Burn (Bronze Whale Remix)

First off – if you haven’t listened to Crywolf’s most recent album – Cataclasm – make some time for it in your life. It’s a powerful piece of art that has now inspired tons of electronic remixes because the source material is simply so good. You can hear the quality in the vocal chop that Bronze Whale chose for his drop. However, this Austin TX-based duo deserves a bit of credit too, as they frame the vocals with rumbling beats and rolling snares that keep the song going from drop to drop. The future of future music has never sounded so good. Enjoy below.

Dillon Francis & NGHTMRE – Need You

Master of Moombahton Dillon Francis has teamed up with one of my favorite producers, NGHTMRE, to create a hard-hitting banger. What I like about it most (besides the insane drop) is how it seamlessly incorporates elements of many different strands of EDM under one roof. Obviously there’s the Caribbean-influenced moombahton beat and vocal sample, but also light synths during the verses that wouldn’t sound out of place in a progressive house song. Then, the drop. Somewhere in between an underground trap song and a Skrillex-y dubstep track. Altogether an extremely impressive track that will rock dance floors across the country this summer. Enjoy below.

TORCHES – Future

LA-based indie-rock group TORCHES have released their latest single and it’s a hypnotic bundle of layered vocals and bittersweet guitar riffs. For some reason this type of energetic, synth-influenced alt-rock always makes me think of high school summers listening to bands like The Naked and Famous. There’s a sense of youthful warmth, but also of regret. See what I mean by giving it a listen below.