Sunday 5elect – Vol. 038

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Sunday 5elect, where Economix readers get insight into the top five tracks dominating my headphones right now. This week is a goddamn trap fest. Enjoy.


Apparently Slander and Basstrick hooked up on the GUD VIBRATIONS tour and had the brilliant idea to create this trapsterpiece. The first drop is deceptive, with top notch sound design going into those slow, hard-hitting synths that are quickly repurposed into a high-bpm bass-house switch up that blew me away.

2. TastyTreat x ESQ – Lemön

Before this track I had TastyTreat pegged for solid future bass releases whenever I saw the name. Now I know they have strong potential to trap out. With the help of the homie ESQ, they’ve cooked up a hard-hitting track that’ll leave you headbanging. Blast it.

3. k?d – glitch boy

Now this is some signature, synth-y k?d. A clean, lighthearted buildup slowly guides you to what you know will be a distortion-filled future bass drop that’s satisfying every time you hear it. Powerful, dreamy, and unique – k?d adds another solid track to the discography with “glitch boy”.

4. graves – Meta feat. bbno$

Our last trap track of this 5elect is a choice song off of graves’ new Hilo EP – a solid collection that recently hit #1 on the iTunes electronic charts. Every track on the EP has a different flavor – this one hits the spot with a blend of trap and rap vibes.

5. Dancing Astronaut Mixes – The Radar 84: Mixed by Rainer + Grimm

Rainer + Grimm caught my ear a while back with their hit “Talk To Me” and they’ve been producing solid house tracks ever since. This mix is a perfect, energetic vibe for people looking to explore some deep house but not get too lost in the sauce. Enjoy below and vibe out.

Sunday 5elect – Vol. 009

Welcome to this week’s edition of Sunday 5elect, where Economix readers get insight into the top five tracks dominating my headphones right now. This week has a downtempo vibe that spans across genres. Look out for more from the Economix later this week! Enjoy below.

1. Crywolf – Quantum Immortality

His first single since his hit album Cataclasm, “Quantum Immortality” is an intense reminder of why we love Crywolf so much. Raw emotion seeps through the vocals, and the instrumental is a captivating blend of alt-rock and electronica.

2. Motez & Wax Motif – Like You

The best house jams are catchy and upbeat, and “Like You” by Motez & Wax Motif is a perfect example. The bass is bouncy and perfectly accentuated by mid-level synths for a full, crisp feeling.

3. Rich Chigga – Who That Be (Stööki Sound Remix)

Trip hop is an addictive genre. Witty lyricism pair with hype beats to make for absolute bangers. Stööki sound’s remix of “Who That Be” is no exception.

4. Lane 8 – With Me

Lane 8 is the king of downbeat house music, and his latest release “With Me” is catchy, yet calming. A killer baseline slowly evolves into full-fledged track as the song goes on, showcasing Lane 8’s production and mastering skill.

5. Tycho – Descent (Burning Man Sunrise Set 2016)

Burning Man is one of the most dynamic and unique art events in the world, and Tycho decided to add to that great tradition by playing an indie-EDM set every year as the sun rises over the desert. It’s a beautiful mix that starts out with heavy ambient vibes and slowly gains pace throughout – an ode to that time of the day that is rarely seen.


Victoria Celestine – Something More

New female pop-artists are a dime a dozen nowadays but I don’t discount the genre because it’s extremely rewarding when you find someone you truly like in the mix. Today is one of those rewarding days. 18-year old Victoria Celestine is rocking an 80s pop vibe in her new song “Something More” that kind of reminds me of Great Good Fine Ok and the general progression toward retro sounds that I’ve observed recently in indie music. With soothing vocals, an energetic beat, and a lot of potential, Victoria delivers a hit with this track. Enjoy below and give her a follow on Soundcloud!

Kasum feat. Megan Hamilton – Complicated (Avril Lavigne Cover)

Who can resist a well done Avril Lavigne cover? Taking us back to the 00’s, Kasum has revamped “Complicated” to fit in with the modern scene of electronic influenced pop-rock. The moment that hooked me was at 2:12 when he brought in the original electric guitar chords and seamlessly mixed it with his electronica cover. Megan Hamilton hits just the right tone with her voice to imitate Avril but bring us up to the present. Well-executed and worth a listen. Enjoy below.

Saint Raymond – Young Blood (RAC Mix)

Why is everything that RAC touches so good? He has this habit of taking alt-pop songs with a good vibe and turning it into something more. A driving bass riff leads this song complemented by touches of violin and cascading synth. A great summer track that’s in line with the recent trend of retro-rock influenced electronica (ex: Chainsmokers). Enjoy below.


We’re really getting into the heat of summer and that means nice weather, sunshine, and activity. This playlist is specially designed to compliment your next run, swim, drive, boat trip or beach party. I tried to pack as much positive energy into this set as possible, so that you guys can have the perfect soundtrack for your active lifestyles. Starting off with some rock-influenced songs, we quickly ease into progressive house and a couple of heart-pounding remixes of our favorite artists like Martin Garrix and Fun. You might notice that I’ve borrowed a few of the most dynamic songs from previous playlists, and that’s because I think that its great to work out or party to happy songs that you’re familiar with. That being said, there’s no shortage of new songs here. After about sixteen songs we move away from the progressive house style and turn to funkier sounds. While generally quieter, these songs have an energy of their own. Enjoy the playlist, and get out there and explore the world with it!