Sunday 5elect – Vol. 038

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Sunday 5elect, where Economix readers get insight into the top five tracks dominating my headphones right now. This week is a goddamn trap fest. Enjoy.


Apparently Slander and Basstrick hooked up on the GUD VIBRATIONS tour and had the brilliant idea to create this trapsterpiece. The first drop is deceptive, with top notch sound design going into those slow, hard-hitting synths that are quickly repurposed into a high-bpm bass-house switch up that blew me away.

2. TastyTreat x ESQ – Lemön

Before this track I had TastyTreat pegged for solid future bass releases whenever I saw the name. Now I know they have strong potential to trap out. With the help of the homie ESQ, they’ve cooked up a hard-hitting track that’ll leave you headbanging. Blast it.

3. k?d – glitch boy

Now this is some signature, synth-y k?d. A clean, lighthearted buildup slowly guides you to what you know will be a distortion-filled future bass drop that’s satisfying every time you hear it. Powerful, dreamy, and unique – k?d adds another solid track to the discography with “glitch boy”.

4. graves – Meta feat. bbno$

Our last trap track of this 5elect is a choice song off of graves’ new Hilo EP – a solid collection that recently hit #1 on the iTunes electronic charts. Every track on the EP has a different flavor – this one hits the spot with a blend of trap and rap vibes.

5. Dancing Astronaut Mixes – The Radar 84: Mixed by Rainer + Grimm

Rainer + Grimm caught my ear a while back with their hit “Talk To Me” and they’ve been producing solid house tracks ever since. This mix is a perfect, energetic vibe for people looking to explore some deep house but not get too lost in the sauce. Enjoy below and vibe out.

Kidswaste – Spleen EP


Kidswaste’s debut Spleen EP is out today and it’s a beautiful soundscape of chill beats and playful instrumentals peppered with ambient samples that give a feeling of serenity. The three new tracks on it are Time,” Alone” and “Friends,” and each one is a different take on Kidswaste’s core sound. “Time” evokes feelings of calm nostalgia with a simple guitar riff accompanied by the tweeting of birds, a light percussion, and vocals that are light to the ear. “Alone” is a mostly instrumental track that’s heavier on the percussion than its siblings. It has a strong sense of movement without progress, kind of a listlessness that may be explained by Kidswaste’s self-proclaimed emphasis on “pensive sadness or melancholy” in this EP. “Friends” is my personal favorite new song, and it breaks through its self-imposed melancholy vibe into a celebration of longing for friendship, and the happiness that it brings.

All around, this is an extremely strong debut for Kidswaste, and I look forward to a long and successful career from the young French producer. Enjoy below!

Illenium – Without You ft. SKYLR (William James Remix)


Illenium’s Ashes Remix album is full of gems – fourteen aspiring indie artists got to take a crack at re-imagining some of the best EDM tracks of the last year. William James’ remix of “Without You” is one of the best. Softening the production elements of the original while leaving the vocals intact, William waits until the drop to showcase what he can really do. Heavy chords blast from your speakers in regular intervals, allowing the listener to soak in each one. Each verse comes as a welcome reprieve from the intensity of the chorus, but each subsequent drop is as satisfying as the first. Enjoy below!

Kidswaste – More Colors


“More Colors” is the first track off of Kidswaste’s first EP and it’s a beautiful example of how his downtempo style of electronica is simultaneously relaxing and inspiring. This young French producer is no stranger to hits – his ambient masterpiece “Free” has been played nearly a million times on Soundcloud and his remix of Chet Porter’s “tbh ily” effortlessly incorporates twinkling percussion and driving bass to create an air of carefree energy. “More Colors” is upbeat and ethereal. Soothing vocal chops are laid over soaring synths in a way that makes the sound exciting and reassuring. Enjoy the new track below along with other Kidswaste favorites, and pre-order Kidswaste’s EP here.

OP-EX: The Strokes – Future Present Past


The Economix welcomes Marta Poplawski thoughtful friend and vibe connoisseur, for the second installment of the OP-EX series. This is a segment where Economix readers can get outside perspectives on some of the best music out in the world today. Enjoy Marta’s take on The Strokes’ new EP:

The Strokes need no introduction. Albums like Is This It and Room On Fire revolutionized the world of angsty, garage rock as we know it. While the band has been quiet since its release of Comedown Machine in 2013, rumors of new work surfaced as the band was announced a headliner of Governors Ball. Yesterday, The Strokes first released a single off this rumored EP, and then hours later (surprisingly) streamed the whole work on Spotify. (embedded below).

The EP consists of only three songs (and one remix by the band’s drummer), yet it seems to be just enough to show that The Strokes are as good as we remember. For long time fans, it brings back memories of their oldest and most identifying work – a simple yet intoxicating riff, intertwining guitars, and concise, meaningful lyrics (“Untame me, its not my midlife yet”). We even hear Julian Casablancas ad-libbing a bit, adding to the effortless effect of the whole thing.

While it at first may appear like any other Strokes album, the band challenges their style, adding layers to the EP – they play around with the use of bass, ranges of vocals, even adding psychedelic elements. Pay close attention to this detailing, especially in Moretti’s remix of “OBLIVIUS”, that adds depth to an already intense song.

The EP leaves you wanting more, of course, but it suffices. If you’re a dedicated fan like myself, enjoy. If you’re a new listener, I encourage you to explore the evolution of their older works. The Strokes have yet again shown that they remain on top for a reason.

BONUS: Check out this video of The Strokes discussing just about anything but their work…

Traverse Town – Kilimanjaro EP

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 9.26.59 PM

Traverse Town popped up in my inbox the other day to share their new EP called Kilimanjaro and I’m very happy they reached out. This three-piece band from southern Massachusetts has a fantastic indie-pop sound. Better yet, each of the songs on this five-track EP has a distinct vibe, displaying Traverse Town’s diverse musical ability and all-around production talent. “Just Kids” is an anthem about the joys and uncertainties of youth, “Kyoto” is an ode to adventure, “Wrapped Up” has a funky, urban vibe, “Runners” is a downtempo love song, and “The Wild” sends you off into the world with a very happy feeling. If you’re looking to compare these guys to other bands, they kinda sound somewhere in between Phoenix and Great Good Fine Ok. Either way, give these guys your support on Soundcloud (smash that repost button!), Spotify, and social media. Enjoy below.

ANTWON – 100k

SoCal rapper ANTWON drops some smooth bars on top of a fantastically produced beat in this strong single. Check out this song below and his new EP Double Ecstasy on iTunes and Spotify.