Leonell Cassio – From Me, To You

Stockholm-based Leonell Cassio is back with another “emotional bass” track and it’s a chill experiment in future bass production. Natural melodies of soft vocals and light piano ease the listener into the track before Leonell hits them with a gentle drop with fills that bounce up and down with a lighthearted feel. Another step forward for this aspiring producer. Enjoy below!



In the depths of winter, people look toward the warmer times ahead. Tickets are going on sale for Coachella, Firefly, Gov Ball, Paradiso, (insert every other festival here) as we speak and as the Festival Bubble continues to inflate the lineups continue to get more ridiculously packed with great artists. It’s not the worst thing, you can see many of your favorite artists for a (usually) reasonable price and devote a whole day to nothing but enjoying music and friends. However, as I’ve begun to enjoy intimate, $10 concerts in underground venues or club-based events the sheen with which festivals used to shine in my eyes has faded to a dull luster. There’s another up-side to the phenomenon, though, at least for consumers of music: artists time up some of their best releases with the sale of the tickets to grab people’s attention and thus the depths of winter are full of songs that may well become summer jams. I’ve collected some of those for you below.

We start off with the energetic, happy electronica that I (and hopefully you) have come to love. Louis the Child has graciously presented us with another hit, Griz and Gramatik teamed up for a funky banger, and Pluto continues his journey to the stars with a hard-hitting remix of Yeezy and Future. We briefly flirt with some high-BPM bass of the “future” and “drum and” varieties before settling into some poppy, yet crisp house music and light trap. Trap music’s low BPM provides a smooth transition into some chill electronica and alt-rock – the focus here is on the calming bass and the emotional vocals that make this my favorite part of the playlist. The calm vibes eventually give way to house, and then rap, and then, inevitably, bass house, techno house, and full-on disgusting trap music. You know this part of the playlist, insanely aggressive but fantastic in the right context. The last part of the playlist is less eclectic than usual – you can think of it as a toned-down version of the start of the playlist. These songs aren’t any worse, they’re just a bit less energetic and more scattered across the vibe spectrum. To go out with a flourish, I have some funky house and alt-rock for you in the last couple of songs. Be sure to like and repost on Soundcloud if you’re feeling the set. Enjoy!

Vibe Guide:

  • 1-15: Energetic electronica
  • 16-19: Pop house
  • 20-24: Chill trap
  • 25-40: Chill electronica and alternative
  • 41-44: Electronica with rap
  • 45-47: Bass house
  • 48-51: Techno house
  • 52-58: Trap
  • 59-74: Electronica
  • 75-86: Funky house
  • 87-95: Ambient electronica and alt-rock

Illenium ft. Joni Fatora – Fortress (Mr FijiWiji Remix)


Another outstanding piece of work off of Illenium’s Ashes Remix album, Mr. Fijiwiji’s take on “Fortress” is downtempo and haunting. Bass constantly rumbles in the background creating an ominous energy. Joni Fatora’s vocals, passionate in the original, are now placed in a darker context. The nicest single touch that Mr. Fijiwiji incorporates into the remix may be the filtered vocal chops that slowly crescendo and recede into the background of the track, each one a musical accent that adds to the atmosphere of the song. Enjoy below!

Kidswaste – More Colors


“More Colors” is the first track off of Kidswaste’s first EP and it’s a beautiful example of how his downtempo style of electronica is simultaneously relaxing and inspiring. This young French producer is no stranger to hits – his ambient masterpiece “Free” has been played nearly a million times on Soundcloud and his remix of Chet Porter’s “tbh ily” effortlessly incorporates twinkling percussion and driving bass to create an air of carefree energy. “More Colors” is upbeat and ethereal. Soothing vocal chops are laid over soaring synths in a way that makes the sound exciting and reassuring. Enjoy the new track below along with other Kidswaste favorites, and pre-order Kidswaste’s EP here.

Hana Oceans – Invincible Borders


Swedish artist Hana Oceans has had quite a year. Gaining widespread popularity in her home country with her debut Dust EP and reaching a broader audience through key inclusions on popular Spotify playlists, this downtempo singer/songwriter has some momentum behind her. Her latest single “Invincible Borders” takes a darker tone than usual, but skillfully combines her enchanting vocals with high-quality electronic production to create a moving piece. Check it out below!


Sunday 5elect – Vol. 004

Welcome to this week’s edition of Sunday 5elect, where Economix readers get insight into the top five tracks dominating my headphones right now. This week is filled with future-bass sounds, with a touch of deep house and a calm set to balance it out. Enjoy below!

1. Flume – Say It ft. Tove Lo (Illenium Remix)

This song has gotten over one million plays in the last five days and it deserves every single one. After teasing us with samples over social media, Illenium has finally released his masterful remix of “Say It” by Flume. He transforms the emotional, downtempo hit into a future-bass banger with soaring melodies and driving rhythms. This one will be on repeat for a while.

2. Porter Robinson and Madeon – Shelter (Luca Lush Lift)

This track is so diverse in its sounds that it could be split up into three different, equally great, songs. The first drop is a unique take on the original melody that emphasizes an organic sound. The second drop goes nuts with a heavy progressive house crescendo, and the last drop is future-bass with a glitchy twist. It’s a great sample of the best sounds that EDM has to offer right now.

3. Gryffin and Bipolar Sunshine – Whole Heart

Gryffin and Bipolar Sunshine team up for a feel-good future bass track with very positive vibes. While it is a departure from his usual indie-dance feel, this is another great original from Gryffin.

4. Fractall + Breaking Beattz + Rocksted – Let The Bass Go

What’s a weekend without some deep house? Turn up the bass on this one, it’s a chill track with a simmering feel to it. Ideal for warming up a dance floor, this one is guaranteed to get your head bobbing.

5. MrSuicideSheep – ‘Dawn’ Pt. 3 (An Ambient Mix)

MrSuicideSheep’s talent for identifying great electronic music and sharing it with his fan base extends to this mix of ambient sounds that lasts over an hour and twenty minutes. This is probably the calmest mix you’ve ever heard, with beautiful chord progressions and almost no words. If you need something to clear your head and calm down, this is your jam.



Sunday 5elect – Vol. 001

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Sunday 5elect, a weekly installment where Economix readers get insight into the top five tracks dominating my headphones for the past week. Each mix of tracks is balanced, drawing from a diverse range of sounds . The fifth song for each edition is a DJ set that allows the listener to further explore an artist’s sound and how they choose to mix together unique tracks. Without further ado, enjoy this week’s installment below.

1. Unlike Pluto – Found You (feat. Michelle Buzz)

Unlike Pluto first popped up on my radar a while back with his hit remix of Diplo’s “Revolution”. Since then he’s released a string of high-quality original tracks that display his versatility as an artist. “Found You” is a high-energy but subtle track good for warming up a party or a chill get-together.

2. GRiZ – Before I Go ft. Leo Napier

GRiZ is the master of funky electronica. His saxophone adds a traditional, energetic and upbeat vibe to an already bumping track. His development as an artist has been impressive, most demonstrated by how complex and clean his tracks have become.

3. Kaiydo – Fruit Punch (Prod By Josh December)

This is summertime rap. The song exudes celebration, and is an ideal pick-me-up walking down a city street.

4. Adam Jensen – Drugs

With an indie-pop feeling, Adam Jensen successfully blends his pleasantly happy voice with high-quality electronic production and a unique drop. This is a feel-good song.

5. BENZI – Get Right Radio (Summer 2016 Edition)

As Diplo knowingly says at the beginning of this mix, “The summer doesn’t even start until BENZI hits the radio.” This set is perfect for summer parties and it includes EDM, rap, and pop jams seamlessly blended together.