Sunday 5elect – Vol. 040

Postgrad travels have taken me across the western US over the last few days in an LTE-deprived adventure filled with friendship. Here are my top 5 tracks that i’ve been listening to when I manage to control the AUX. Sorry for the lack of write-ups again – I hope you enjoy the music.

1. Autograf – Simple (ft. Victoria Zaro)

2. Win and Woo x Bryce Fox – Chicago

3. No Mana & Zashanell – Clear (REZZ Remix)

4. Jerry Folk – Money

5. Solé Fixtape Vol. 37 | Louis the Child + Splash House

ALIGN – Daydreaming

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 4.48.16 PM

If you need a reason to be even more excited for this summer you need to check out Chicago-based producer ALIGN. His sample-based electronic style is clean, refreshing, and warm to the ears. “Daydreaming” is a perfect example of how happy his music can make you feel. Peaceful ambient sounds are expertly intertwined with gently rumbling bass and sparkling synths to create an atmosphere of sunshine and relaxation. Perfect for a drive down a sunny road or a beach vibe session. Enjoy below and give ALIGN a follow on Soundcloud!

The Chainsmokers – Inside Out (ft. Charlee)

It seems that Drew and Alex have transitioned almost completely into the world of crafting original tracks, and they’re quickly building a reputation for making damn good ones. It’s no secret that I’m an avid Chainsmokers fan, I’ve seen them live twice in the last few months and damn do these guys know how to put on a show. Their set in Chicago’s Aragon Ballroom was one of the best experiences of my life. With this new track they’ve tapped the vocal talents of Charlee to add a soothing vibe to a track defined by energetic and uplifting synthwork. Their professionalism, production mastery, and overall musical talent are on full display with this one. Enjoy below.

The Chainsmokers Ft. Daya – Don’t Let Me Down (Win & Woo Remix)

Win and Woo are back and taking it in a new direction. After months of self-reported writer’s block, the Chicago duo have released a big remix of The Chainsmokers’ new single “Don’t Let Me Down”. It departs from the bass-centric tropical house vibes that dominated their sound in 2015, but that’s not a bad thing. As I mentioned in my review of Boehm’s new single, I was worried for a while that some of the artists that came to prominence in the tropical-dominated, Phoebe Ryan remix-filled days of early 2015 would falter for lack of adaptability. In this case, I am happily shown that my worries were for naught. The new remix has a faster pace to it than most Win and Woo tracks, and while their mastery of bass riffs is on prominent display, the duo is messing around in the higher registers a bit more. They even have some sweet horns to highlight their excellent synthwork. Another pleasure to listen to. I have a strong feeling that going into the future Win and Woo won’t let me down.

Louis the Child – It’s Strange ft. K.Flay (Win & Woo Remix)

Chicago-based house duo Win & Woo have decided to take on the behemoth that is Louis the Child’s “It’s Strange” and they’ve definitely done it justice. Adding their own bass-heavy house sound and expertly utilizing K.Flay’s iconic vocals, these two have started off 2016 right. In their own words, this song is “like that movie when you walk into a room michael jackson slow mo style and just shuffle your way through the party and then start dancing on the pool table while never breaking eye contact with the 10 at the bar.” Can’t say I knew the feeling until now, but I like it. Enjoy below.

SNAKEHIPS – All My Friends (Feat. Tinashe & Chance The Rapper)

Wow. I don’t usually post songs that have already made the top of Hype Machine, but this song blew me away. Amazing production from SNAKEHIPS, silky smooth vocals from Tinashe, and a killer verse from Chance all come together to make this an indie anthem that has massive potential to leak to the mainstream. Emotionally charged, an easy listen, and perfect for a sing-along, SNAKEHIPS has a hit on his hands. Enjoy below.

Autograf – Metaphysical

The trio of dudes known as Autograf have accompanied this release with some pretty big news: they’ve signed on to Ninja Tune imprint, Counter Records. This record deal puts them on the same label as stars such as ODESZA, and is an important step forward in their career as an established band on the way to stardom. In addition, this single comes with its very own custom album artwork made by the boys themselves. Part of a series emulating pop-art styles, this one features pop-icon Twiggy. The song itself is a great blend of head-bobbing energetic beats, tropical vibes, and smooth vocals. Check it out below.