Sunday 5elect – Vol. 040

Postgrad travels have taken me across the western US over the last few days in an LTE-deprived adventure filled with friendship. Here are my top 5 tracks that i’ve been listening to when I manage to control the AUX. Sorry for the lack of write-ups again – I hope you enjoy the music.

1. Autograf – Simple (ft. Victoria Zaro)

2. Win and Woo x Bryce Fox – Chicago

3. No Mana & Zashanell – Clear (REZZ Remix)

4. Jerry Folk – Money

5. Solé Fixtape Vol. 37 | Louis the Child + Splash House



The end of the year usually comes with a lull in the number of new songs coming out as artists are just finishing up their fall tours and not yet building up hype for their spring adventures. However, this lull usually makes up for itself in the proliferation of new DJ sets that provide a unique insight into how artists have been captivating their crowds for the last few months. These sets are fantastic ways to find new music – after all, these are professional DJs that are deeply embedded into the music scene. On top of all this, there are still plenty of new releases. After all, most musicians can’t help doing the thing they love: creating. The playlist below contains the best indie tracks that have come to my attention this December.

As always, we start with the best of the best. Chill vibes via Kidswaste, Pluto, Pham and Alison Wonderland begin our journey with a positive, playful vibe before we “knock it up a notch” with Bajillionaire. It’ll be a long time before we chill out again. Hex Cougar, Whethan and Krewella keep the energy up with a mix of future bass and moombahton beats until Autograf primes us for some hip-hop jams. After a brief flirtation with rap and trap we return to the familiar realm of future bass remixes of pop songs that provide some much needed ear candy before the heavy beats to come. After we enjoy a few funky house tracks, Eric Prydz’s alter-ego CIREZ D hits us hard with stunningly well-produced techno track. This is the first of several tracks that are extremely hype and would fit in well with a heavy deep house set by SNBRN, Dr. Fresch, or MAALA. Once past this gauntlet, it’s smooth sailing form here on out. Some upbeat, chill house will ease you through the end of the playlist. Here’s a rough map of the tracks for your convenience:

  • 1-16: Upbeat indie EDM
  • 17-21: Hip-hop and hip-hop influenced electronica
  • 22-24: Trap
  • 25-27: Progressive and experimental house
  • 28-36: Pop-influenced future bass
  • 37-42: Funk-influenced EDM
  • 43-55: Techno house and trap
  • 57-86: Chill melodic house, future bass, and funk

Enjoy below!


Autograf – Heartbeat

It’s the end of the week, an opportunity to relax and enjoy your life. Few things are better than a lazy Friday afternoon, and this chill, happy track from Autograf will perfectly complement your chill sessions. Enjoy below.

Autograf – Metaphysical

The trio of dudes known as Autograf have accompanied this release with some pretty big news: they’ve signed on to Ninja Tune imprint, Counter Records. This record deal puts them on the same label as stars such as ODESZA, and is an important step forward in their career as an established band on the way to stardom. In addition, this single comes with its very own custom album artwork made by the boys themselves. Part of a series emulating pop-art styles, this one features pop-icon Twiggy. The song itself is a great blend of head-bobbing energetic beats, tropical vibes, and smooth vocals. Check it out below.

GRiZ feat. Talib Kweli – For The Love (Autograf Remix)

As I’ve now seen both of these artists live I felt a special obligation to post about this song, never mind the fact that it’s a dope track. Autograf uses his magic to take a funky, soulful original track, and give it that chill electronica sound I’ve come to admire them for. The funk has not been completely erased, however, so fans of the original track should remain completely satisfied. Enjoy below and be sure to see these two artists live if you can. They both put so much effort into their live sets and GRiZ can rock a mean saxophone. Here are the dates for for Autograf and GRiZ.


We’re definitely in the thick of it now. Somehow, D.C. has been blessed with very low humidity for the last couple of days, creating the perfect conditions for fun in the sun. Fun in the sun needs a playlist to go with it, and I believe I’ve provided that right here. This is a playlist for when you’re hanging with your friends on your local grass patch or open-air patio, preferably drink in hand. We start with a solid remix of one of my favorite Major Lazer songs and continue the electronica vibe. The Autograf remix of Avicii’s “Waiting for Love” sets a deep-house vibe but doesn’t fully delve into the genre. We continue with that chill, thumping bass and trippy audio vibe for a song or two before into the “peak” of the playlist with a couple of hard-hitting electronica tracks courtesy of Matt D’Emic. The peak is followed by a few cooldown songs and the next ten songs are very very chill. These are good passive listening songs and I encourage you to focus on the whole song rather than individual aspects. As we approach the end we have a brief stint of hip-hop beats before regressing back into chill/acoustic to leave you with a clear mind walking away from this set. Enjoy below.

Avicii – Waiting For Love (Autograf Remix)

A few months ago I had the pleasure of seeing Autograf live in concert and it was an amazing experience. His music is distinctly down-tempo but he knows how to infuse energy into a live set. In addition, his remixes aren’t the typical generic take on a popular song. No doubt you’ve heard Avicii’s “Waiting For Love” by now, but Autograf takes it in a new direction, decidedly downtempo and kind of weird but true to the original song’s vibe. An interesting track that I highly recommend.