Grouplove – Good Morning (PINES Remix)

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My favorite Australian duo PINES has put out their first track since trending #1 on HypeM and racking up over 100k plays on Soundcloud with their original hit “Tell Me” and it’s a fantastic add to their rapidly growing discography. Atmospheric bass synths and ever-crisp snare rolls perfectly complement the indie-pop vocals and create an upbeat vibe for this remix of “Good Morning”. Now that they’re done rocking SXSW I hope that time back in the studio means more new PINES releases coming through soon. Enjoy below.



In the depths of winter, people look toward the warmer times ahead. Tickets are going on sale for Coachella, Firefly, Gov Ball, Paradiso, (insert every other festival here) as we speak and as the Festival Bubble continues to inflate the lineups continue to get more ridiculously packed with great artists. It’s not the worst thing, you can see many of your favorite artists for a (usually) reasonable price and devote a whole day to nothing but enjoying music and friends. However, as I’ve begun to enjoy intimate, $10 concerts in underground venues or club-based events the sheen with which festivals used to shine in my eyes has faded to a dull luster. There’s another up-side to the phenomenon, though, at least for consumers of music: artists time up some of their best releases with the sale of the tickets to grab people’s attention and thus the depths of winter are full of songs that may well become summer jams. I’ve collected some of those for you below.

We start off with the energetic, happy electronica that I (and hopefully you) have come to love. Louis the Child has graciously presented us with another hit, Griz and Gramatik teamed up for a funky banger, and Pluto continues his journey to the stars with a hard-hitting remix of Yeezy and Future. We briefly flirt with some high-BPM bass of the “future” and “drum and” varieties before settling into some poppy, yet crisp house music and light trap. Trap music’s low BPM provides a smooth transition into some chill electronica and alt-rock – the focus here is on the calming bass and the emotional vocals that make this my favorite part of the playlist. The calm vibes eventually give way to house, and then rap, and then, inevitably, bass house, techno house, and full-on disgusting trap music. You know this part of the playlist, insanely aggressive but fantastic in the right context. The last part of the playlist is less eclectic than usual – you can think of it as a toned-down version of the start of the playlist. These songs aren’t any worse, they’re just a bit less energetic and more scattered across the vibe spectrum. To go out with a flourish, I have some funky house and alt-rock for you in the last couple of songs. Be sure to like and repost on Soundcloud if you’re feeling the set. Enjoy!

Vibe Guide:

  • 1-15: Energetic electronica
  • 16-19: Pop house
  • 20-24: Chill trap
  • 25-40: Chill electronica and alternative
  • 41-44: Electronica with rap
  • 45-47: Bass house
  • 48-51: Techno house
  • 52-58: Trap
  • 59-74: Electronica
  • 75-86: Funky house
  • 87-95: Ambient electronica and alt-rock

Elsa Carmona – Run Baby Run


Stockholm-based pop artist Elsa Carmona’s latest single “Run Baby Run” starts off dark and ominous but slowly comes into a passionate life of its own. An alternative take on a traditional pop song structure, Carmona’s track prefers dark distortions to catchy hooks and sultry verses to generic vocals. The chorus is where this track comes together – Elsa’s voice provides a light contrast to the industrial beat below it. Enjoy below!

Ideomotor – We Can’t Work


Helsinki-based duo Ideomotor have released their latest track “We Can’t Work” and the alt-rock vibes are strong on this one. Classic guitar riffs combine with fantastic production quality to create an emotional, but clean vibe akin to The National. This track is a journey, check it out below!

Tracy Irve – Strip EP


Tracy Irve, a brother-sister duo out of Sweden, has released their debut EP and it’s a fantastic collection of downtempo alt-rock songs that are perfect for the upcoming winter months. Linnea and Alexander have been featured on The Economix once before for their single “Town”, a slow burner that combines echoing guitar riffs and heavy ambient production to create a calm, yet longing, vibe. The other songs off the Strip EP project have the same feel to them, but variations in each song’s composition take them in different artistic directions.

My favorite off the EP is its title track, “Strip”. The lyrics focus on a total devotion to one’s lover, and a willingness to show them your true self. The production slowly builds in the background, at first only featuring a simple beat but eventually incorporating a soothing guitar riff and subtly booming bass chords. A track that begins with a tone of vulnerability ends on a note of passionate confidence.

“Adored” is fast-paced from the start. A crisp snare roll drives the track forward into a chorus that takes Linnea’s vocals to a new level. This song feels like a lover’s plea – a vibe cultivated by lyrical reflections on the power dynamic in a relationship. Occasional piano chords accentuate the track, adding depth to its most powerful moments.

Check out Tracy Irve’s debut EP below and give them a follow over on Soundcloud!

ARIZONA – Cross My Mind

It’s been about seven months since A R I Z O N A released their string of hit singles including the intense “Let Me Touch Your Fire” and exuberant “Where I Wanna Be”. Now the New Jersey native trio is back with an upbeat alternative rock song that is both catchy and well-produced. Check it out below, and look out for more high-quality music from these three.



This playlist is a lot less chaotic than the title implies. As always, your favorite curator (me) has put hours into making sure that this playlist is jam-packed with the best songs that Soundcloud has to offer, and that they all sound good next to each other. My favorites are at the top of the list, but those who venture further into the set will be rewarded with some fantastic vibes of the deep house, alt-rock, future-bass, alt-rap, and ambient varieties. In order, the tracks flow from high-energy electronica, to lower-energy EDM that borders on deep house, and then immediately into some great alt-rock songs. Alt-rock seamlessly transitions into some poppy-electronica, which then gives way to pure future-bass. The deep house starts off chill, but doesn’t stay that way for long. Apparently these hard-hitting tracks are termed “G-House” because they sample some oldie rap tracks (see “HELLO”) for an added edge. A couple of tracks later, however, we’ve dropped the “G” and begin a long ascent up to the world of normal, chill EDM. The end of the playlist is an interesting mix of alt-rap, ambient electronica, and alt-rock. Enjoy below, each track is unique and worth a listen.