Sunday 5elect – Vol. 036

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Sunday 5elect, where Economix readers get insight into the top five tracks dominating my headphones right now. This week is packed with future bass vibes. Enjoy below!

1. ODESZA – Late Night

New ODESZA for the first time in years is something that every electronic music blogger, including myself, has been extremely hyped about this week. Breaking their musical silence by releasing two tracks in one day, ODESZA showed the world that they remain a premier musical talent with a lot of new content waiting to be released. “Late Night” is by far my favorite out of the two, channeling what many have dubbed an “old-school” ODESZA vibe akin to what you’d hear on Summer’s Gone. It’s energetic, lighthearted, and atmospheric in the best way.

2. Jerry Folk – Purple Feelings ft. Rainsford

Jerry Folk also broke a musical silence this week, releasing “Purple Feelings” and announcing an upcoming EP titled Purple Evenings. Folk always hits the right vibe of funky and future for me and his original tracks have steadily improved in quality to rival the remixes with which he blew up. I have no doubt that the EP will be bumping.

3. San Holo – We Rise (Acoustic)

San Holo first teased this beautiful, albeit far too short, take on “We Rise” as the intro in his Diplo and Friends set. It was captivating then, it remains captivating now. Tracks like this serve as a healthy reminder that when you break it down there is always a melody underneath all of the intense synths, and that the artist chooses the synths deliberately. Regardless, it’s nice to hear the acoustic version and cleanse out your ears every once in a while.

4. DNMO & Sub Urban – Broken

Broken was one of those random clicks while Soundcloud Surfing that really pays off. After a brief intro that sounds like it could be an early 2000s alt-rock track this song immediately gets down to business with a heavy handed synth that slowly pans through your headphones. Lyrics are apathetic, sinister, and catchy. Great job by DNMO and Sub Urban.

5. Bronze Whale – SXSWHALE

Bronze Whale’s SXSW set is a fantastic collection of feel good, energetic, and sometimes pretty hard future electronic sounds. Wish I could have been at the Beautiful Buzzz showcase for this one – the vibe here is perfect for an afternoon dance party.


Sunday 5elect – Vol. 015

Welcome to this week’s edition of Sunday 5elect, where Economix readers get insight into the top five tracks dominating my headphones right now. This week’s selection is chill, alternative, and uplifting. Enjoy below!

1. Vallis Alps – Fading

Last year Sydney-based duo Vallis Alps dropped the best EP of 2015 and then promptly disappeared from the scene. Now they’re back with an original track, and they sound as good as ever. The sign of an enduring artist is their ability to adapt to the times but retain their core sound and identity. “Fading” is a perfect example of that. The song keeps the emphasis on Parissa’s immaculate vocals, one of the defining features of their most popular song “Young”, but David’s production perfectly captures the mood of modern indie electronica while driving it in a new direction. Upbeat, light, and pleasantly complex between verses, the instrumental could be a hit by itself. It’s good to hear them back.

2. Anna of the North – Us (Acoustic)

Anna of the North’s “Us” has been my go-to downtempo track for the last few weeks, and her recent release of an acoustic version has only increased my respect for her. It breaks the track down into its core components, and it’s even more beautiful and heart-wrenching. A hopeful, melancholy love song that will leave an impact.

3. lil hank – Who let the dogs in?

Our favorite pupper is back with a trap banger. Lil hank has the amazing ability to create fantastic indie productions without the use of opposable thumbs or the mental capacity of a human. He’s just that talented and adorable.

4. STRFKR – Open Your Eyes

Comin’ at ya with some straight alt-rock, STRFKR hits a pleasantly nostalgic vibe with this smooth track. This is a great song for a happy hangout or a light party.

5. Your EDM mix with Win and Woo – Volume 55

I’ve been listening to Win & Woo’s bass-heavy mixes since I got into EDM, and have had the immense pleasure of seeing them live twice. These guys know how to put on a show, and it’s reflected in this set. They hit the perfect balance between turning up and just having fun.

Tracy Irve – Strip EP


Tracy Irve, a brother-sister duo out of Sweden, has released their debut EP and it’s a fantastic collection of downtempo alt-rock songs that are perfect for the upcoming winter months. Linnea and Alexander have been featured on The Economix once before for their single “Town”, a slow burner that combines echoing guitar riffs and heavy ambient production to create a calm, yet longing, vibe. The other songs off the Strip EP project have the same feel to them, but variations in each song’s composition take them in different artistic directions.

My favorite off the EP is its title track, “Strip”. The lyrics focus on a total devotion to one’s lover, and a willingness to show them your true self. The production slowly builds in the background, at first only featuring a simple beat but eventually incorporating a soothing guitar riff and subtly booming bass chords. A track that begins with a tone of vulnerability ends on a note of passionate confidence.

“Adored” is fast-paced from the start. A crisp snare roll drives the track forward into a chorus that takes Linnea’s vocals to a new level. This song feels like a lover’s plea – a vibe cultivated by lyrical reflections on the power dynamic in a relationship. Occasional piano chords accentuate the track, adding depth to its most powerful moments.

Check out Tracy Irve’s debut EP below and give them a follow over on Soundcloud!

Cavalry – Everything

Beautiful acoustic guitar riffs and soothing baritone vocals characterize Cavalry’s latest release, titled “Everything”. The general vibe reminds me of an early Coldplay song – think Parachutes or A Rush of Blood to the Head. The song is a slow buildup of energy and marked by increasingly bold electric guitar chords and passionate vocals. Enjoy below.

OP-EX: LIGHTS – Midnight Machines

Lights pic

The Economix welcomes Christian Suasi, longtime friend and music fan, for the first installment of the OP-EX series. This is a segment where Economix readers can get outside perspectives on some of the best music out in the world today. Enjoy Suasi’s take on LIGHTS’ new album:

We know LIGHTS as the electro-synth pop artist who unsheathes her “key-tar” to smite all the emotional terrors in your life with her upbeat tunes. She recently released her latest album, called Midnight Machines, where the she lays the electronic synths to rest and now wields an acoustic guitar to enchant the songs from her last release, Little Machines.

I say “enchant” because each song becomes magical. LIGHTS wanted a different vibe from her previous acoustic albums and she accomplished this by integrating a full string quartet (two violins, a viola and a cello) into her studio. She and her band know the songs intimately, so they stripped down the production, isolated the melodies using each respective instrument, and finally fused it all together into a spellbinding experience.

Midnight Machines is neither sweet nor jubilant. Instead it transforms songs from Little Machines into graceful, unplugged nodes of power that’ll calm your trembling life. If you need to focus, get ahead in life in a peaceful manner, this is your album. Break yourself from the world and listen to “Meteorites,” a single off the album, below.

Marcus Marr & Chet Faker – Killing Jar

It’s a smooth track incorporating beautiful guitar work, a catchy synth riff, and meaningful vocals. These guys know how to make a song. Enjoy below.

Nicholas Roberts – The Rest of Our Lives

Indie-rocker Nicholas Roberts recently released his debut song “The Rest of Our Lives” and it’s a chill jam. Nicholas has channeled his roots in folk music through the beautiful acoustic chords, piano riffs and soft vocals that come together to create an overwhelmingly pleasant track. The melancholy tone adds a bit of depth to the song as well, leaving you wanting more (in a good way). Enjoy below and keep on the lookout for more from Nicholas in the future.