Sunday 5elect – Vol. 039

Hey all, I graduated from the University of Notre Dame today so I’ve spent my week focusing on people and experiences in the real world before we part ways. Nevertheless, I’ve been listening to some tunes and here are my favorite five for the week. No write-ups this time, I’ll be back in full force next Sunday. Thanks for understanding.

1. Shallows – Matter (BLU J remix)

2. Portugal. The Man – Feel It Still (Medasin Remix)

3. Rahn Harper – Stay [Prod. Mic Kellogg]

4. Mija & Vindata – Better (Electric Mantis Remix)

5. Ekali @ Coachella 2016


Sunday 5elect – Vol. 024

Welcome to this week’s edition of Sunday 5elect, where Economix readers get insight into the top five tracks dominating my headphones right now. This week goes really hard. Enjoy below!

1. Kaskade & deadmau5 – Move for Me (Hex Cougar Remix)

Hex Cougar has quickly emerged as my favorite producer in the game right now. Some of his best tracks are hidden away on his remix account Hex Cougar’s Hextras but these are professional-quality remixes that take songs in directions you never though they’d go. His remix of “Move for Me”is the perfect example. The airy vocals slowly fade in and out of the track while the instrumental slowly but surely builds up into an explosion of sound that is grating and powerful. This is a song hand-crafted for an amazing live experience.

2. Pluto – I Won

Aspiring producer Pluto has boosted his astronomical rise in the indie EDM scene with “I Won”, a heavy-hitting remix of the Kanye x Future song of the same name. Iconic lyrics interweave with bass-heavy production to create a party anthem ready to be loved by EDM and pop-rap fans alike.

3. Loud Luxury – Something To Say (AFTER:HRS Mixcut)

I caught this smooth house track in The Magician’s latest Magic Tape and was instantly hooked. The vocals are hypnotic, and when the bass hits on the first drop it’s impossible not to start bouncing. The lyrics are odd but the way they keep moving forward and tell a detailed story is captivating.


When Kasbo remixed this same tune by Big Gigantic into a chill masterpiece, I thought that I had heard the last re-imagining on the song. Then walks in Luca Lush. It would be hard to imagine a remix in a further direction from Kasbo’s, and it’s pretty amazing in its own, fucked-up, overwhelmingly aggressive trap way. In the right setting, at the peak of an amazing set, this song could be the highlight of someone’s night.

5. Vincent – Snowglobe 2016

Future-trap producer Vincent had the chance to strut his stuff on the main stage of Snowglobe this past December and he made the most of it. Full of his own remixes and a few promising IDs, this set perfectly walks the line between trap and melodic future bass music. Energetic, uplifting, and at times aggressive this is one of my favorite mixes I’ve heard in a bit.

Sunday 5elect – Vol. 004

Welcome to this week’s edition of Sunday 5elect, where Economix readers get insight into the top five tracks dominating my headphones right now. This week is filled with future-bass sounds, with a touch of deep house and a calm set to balance it out. Enjoy below!

1. Flume – Say It ft. Tove Lo (Illenium Remix)

This song has gotten over one million plays in the last five days and it deserves every single one. After teasing us with samples over social media, Illenium has finally released his masterful remix of “Say It” by Flume. He transforms the emotional, downtempo hit into a future-bass banger with soaring melodies and driving rhythms. This one will be on repeat for a while.

2. Porter Robinson and Madeon – Shelter (Luca Lush Lift)

This track is so diverse in its sounds that it could be split up into three different, equally great, songs. The first drop is a unique take on the original melody that emphasizes an organic sound. The second drop goes nuts with a heavy progressive house crescendo, and the last drop is future-bass with a glitchy twist. It’s a great sample of the best sounds that EDM has to offer right now.

3. Gryffin and Bipolar Sunshine – Whole Heart

Gryffin and Bipolar Sunshine team up for a feel-good future bass track with very positive vibes. While it is a departure from his usual indie-dance feel, this is another great original from Gryffin.

4. Fractall + Breaking Beattz + Rocksted – Let The Bass Go

What’s a weekend without some deep house? Turn up the bass on this one, it’s a chill track with a simmering feel to it. Ideal for warming up a dance floor, this one is guaranteed to get your head bobbing.

5. MrSuicideSheep – ‘Dawn’ Pt. 3 (An Ambient Mix)

MrSuicideSheep’s talent for identifying great electronic music and sharing it with his fan base extends to this mix of ambient sounds that lasts over an hour and twenty minutes. This is probably the calmest mix you’ve ever heard, with beautiful chord progressions and almost no words. If you need something to clear your head and calm down, this is your jam.


AREA21 – Spaceships


So I stumbled upon this song a week ago but I wasn’t sure what to really make of it. It’s musically fantastic, but so little was known about the anonymous AREA21 that there wouldn’t have been much for me to write about. Now there seems to be a bit of intrigue. Apparently Martin Garrix played this song during his Ultra set, sparking tons of speculation that AREA21 is simply the 19 year old Dutch producer himself. It was the only song in the hourlong set not officially produced by Garrix himself, despite his previous claims that the set would be “100% Martin Garrix.” While Garrix has definitely implicated himself in this mystery, not in the least by releasing the AREA21 debut on his own record label, the fact that there are two aliens in the spaceship indicates a likely partner in crime. Music discussion magazines and blogs seem to be pointing toward either Justin Bieber (who has a manager in common with Garrix), a Detroit-based producer called Maejor (who has produced for the likes of Bieber, Drake and Garrix himself), or Asher Roth (who many believe provided the vocals). Maejor himself mentioned in a recent Instagram caption that Martin Garrix’s studio is “like a spaceship!!!!” which is either a deliberate hint or a weird coincidence. Comments from social media users on Soundcloud and Facebook seem to ignore these leads and suggest Marshmello (substantiated by an Instagram of the two together at Ultra), and fellow Dutch EDM artist Dyro as prime suspects. The discussion on this is as vague as it is feverish, and I think only time will tell who AREA21 is. It seems that in the age of free music streaming the formula for EDM success is: 1. Get famous, 2. Reveal your identity (or don’t). See Slushii and Marshmello for examples. Either way, the music is good, and that’s all that really matters. Enjoy AREA21’s debut track below.




Welcome to the first playlist of the new year. Every artist on this playlist wanted to start out 2016 with a bang – and they succeeded. Electronic and alternative music dominate the scene in this set as usual, but I’ve thrown in a couple of surprises to keep you entertained and avoid the mundane. In past playlists I’ve tried to group together songs that sounded as similar as possible into large genre-blocks designed to keep the flow consistent and enjoyable. This had benefits (songs flowed effortlessly into one another) and drawbacks (sometimes it sounded like you were listening to the same song for fifteen minutes). I’ve decided to move away from that strategy in an effort to keep my playlists dynamic and so you may experience some turbulence during this ride. Don’t worry, life vests are available in the case of an emergency. Enjoy below.