Sunday 5elect – Vol. 022

Welcome to this week’s edition of Sunday 5elect, where Economix readers get insight into the top five tracks dominating my headphones right now. This week’s vibe is upbeat, with contributions from the hip-hop, house, and alt-pop communities. Enjoy below!

1. Jazz Cartier – Tempted

Ever had a girl grinding up on ya in the club and you’re tempted to touch? Well Jazz Cartier has, and he expresses what that’s like in this well-crafted, very danceable hip-hop track. Perfect for parties.

2. STéLOUSE – Lovers

STéLOUSE is on a roll with his latest few originals. This Denver-based artist has displayed the breadth and quality of his songwriting and producing talent with happy, alt-rock style tracks like “Been So Long” and straight future-bass bangers like “Let Go”. “Lovers” is more of a house track with its thumping beats, simple yet sultry vocals, and inherent danceability. It seems that with STéLOUSE you never know what’s coming next, but you know you’ll like it.

3. Flume – Say It (feat. Tove Lo) (SG Lewis Remix)

Yes, that’s right. ANOTHER remix of “Say It”. I wouldn’t be willing to post it if it weren’t a unique take on this modern classic. SG Lewis strips the track of pretty much everything but the vocals and on the “drop” instead of a soaring synth show for the ears he opts for a pure, rumbling bass line. It’s catchy and calming.

4. Ella Vos – Down In Flames

Ella Vos first caught my ear with her bitingly melancholy debut track “White Noise,” and now she’s caught me again with “Down in Flames”. A similar sad tone hovers over this song but its simplicity and Ella’s ethereal voice make it hopeful in a bleak kinda way.

5. KEFF – Warmth

This mix is pretty old but that doesn’t mean it isn’t great. KEFF brings the songs together with the theme of “Warmth,” which creates a positive and happy vibe for the whole 32 minutes. In his own words, “perfect for a walk on a sunny day.”

Sunday 5elect – Vol. 011

Welcome to this week’s edition of Sunday 5elect, where Economix readers get insight into the top five tracks dominating my headphones right now. This week’s selection has a nice mix of chill vibes and turn-up tracks. Enjoy below!

1. Big Gigantic – The Little Things (Kasbo Remix)

Kasbo whipped this remix up before playing with Big Gigantic at Red Rocks this year and it’s a great tribute to the jazzy-EDM duo. The unique vocal sample is channeled into a soaring, chill sound that is both relaxing and happy.

2. Banks – Better (Wallflower Flip)

My only complaint about this track is that it’s too short. In the style of an early Whethan, or a current ye., Wallflower takes a vocal sample from Banks’ track “Better”and weaves it into a rolling, future-bass synth.

3. James Hersey – Miss You (HONNE Remix)

HONNE released a slew of fantastically chill originals last winter that helped the indie scene enjoy warm, happy vibes, and now he’s back with a great series of remixes. The latest mix is of James Hersey’s “Miss You”, and HONNE hits the ideal balance of doing justice to the original track but also adding a significantly different sound. The core of the song is a soft piano riff that perfectly complements a rolling snare beat. Great vibes.

4. Nathan Sykes ft. G-Eazy – Give it Up (Kap Slap Remix)

Kap Slap is known for taking on pop hits and giving them an indie-EDM spin, but the side of his sound that he explores with this latest remix is very unique. It’s hard to describe, but it’s energetic, bouncy and fun. If he had cut out G-Eazy’s painfully mediocre verse in the last half of the song this would have been a perfect jam.

5. HARD SUMMER 2016 Live Sets: Dillon Francis

Only Dillon Francis would start his set at Hard Summer with the Pokemon theme song and then drop it into his dubstep remix of “Red Lips” by GTA. Had the opportunity to see Dillon at MDBP New York this summer and his set was pretty much identical to this – meaning that it was freaking amazing. A pretty hard mix of EDM and trap, this is a set to put on if you’re ready to go wild.


Hey, I’m back.

It’s been quite the summer, especially for music. Festivals were rowdy, concerts intimate, and music loud. Many of the artists included in the playlist below found their groove in front of live audiences ranging from hundreds to tens of thousands of people. Music is a shared experience, and I made this playlist to share how this summer sounded to me.

This one is a journey, and I encourage you to explore it all at your leisure. We begin, as always, with the cream of the crop – energetic electronica. Not too hard, not too light, but just right. After that, the tempo settles down around 125 BPM and we’re enjoying some house music. Pop samples and bass riffs abound until we slow it down and kick it up with some oriental-influenced trap. Trap eventually gives way to moombahton thanks to Party Favor and Dillon Francis, and after a few songs of aggressive raging we’re back down to earth.

The next twenty songs hit the mid-low level of the energy spectrum, and I’d recommend you listen to these tracks with a lot of focus. What they may lack in overt energy, they make up for in profundity. The pace does eventually pick up, and before you know it we’re in the midst of several songs that experiment with the continually growing genre of future bass.

If you’ve actually made it this far in the playlist without stopping, I’m impressed. Keep on journeying on and you will encounter treats from the world of alt-rock, rap, and ambient sound. I wouldn’t include them if I didn’t think they were worth sharing to the world, so tackle this last bit with a lot of curiosity.

As always, thank you for listening and enjoy below.

Night Arcade


Please welcome Abdullah Adnan to The Economix. He will be helping me develop and curate music for the site. I’m excited to be bringing him on, and looking forward to the content he adds. -Seamus

I made this playlist for when you want to live out your own montage scene. This the playlist you want to listen to when you need a break from studying and need to escape for a moment. This is the playlist for when you’re driving around late at night and need to set the tone with the AUX. Electronic music from Calvin Harris and the Chainsmokers is there to give you that downbeat to tap your foot to, while a future mix of ODESZA and Flume is there to balance. This playlist is here to inspire.  Whether you’re ready to head out into the city, pump out that last set, or just kick back after a long day of work, ring in the spring night with this playlist. Click play, turn up the volume, and let your montage begin.



– Abdullah

Golden Features – No One Feat. Thelma Plum (Coyote Kisses Remix)

Coyote Kisses have impressed their beautifully melodic turn-up sound upon yet another fire remix today. Stuttering melodies abound from what sounds like an EDM xylophone, while vocal chops only add to the excitement. Enjoy below.

Great Good Fine Ok – Already Love

The world’s catchiest band Great Good Fine Ok is back with another disco-pop song to have on repeat for a few days. They show off their typical strengths in this one: catchy synthwork, on-point vocals, and poppiness. I know they’re on tour right now, and if you get a chance I highly recommend seeing them live. I had the opportunity to see them in Washington, D.C. last year and they really fostered a very fun atmosphere in the venue. They even stuck around after their set to talk to the fans, and are very friendly dudes. I think that reflects in their music. Enjoy below.

ATTLAS – Parallel Lines

Definitely on the chiller side of indie electronica, Canadian producer ATTLAS draws inspiration from movie soundtracks to make his music. It shows, as this song tells a story through its combination of tropical beats and beautiful vocals. It never really “drops” and I’m okay with that. The energy ebbs and flows, and it’s a smooth ride. Enjoy below.