In the depths of winter, people look toward the warmer times ahead. Tickets are going on sale for Coachella, Firefly, Gov Ball, Paradiso, (insert every other festival here) as we speak and as the Festival Bubble continues to inflate the lineups continue to get more ridiculously packed with great artists. It’s not the worst thing, you can see many of your favorite artists for a (usually) reasonable price and devote a whole day to nothing but enjoying music and friends. However, as I’ve begun to enjoy intimate, $10 concerts in underground venues or club-based events the sheen with which festivals used to shine in my eyes has faded to a dull luster. There’s another up-side to the phenomenon, though, at least for consumers of music: artists time up some of their best releases with the sale of the tickets to grab people’s attention and thus the depths of winter are full of songs that may well become summer jams. I’ve collected some of those for you below.

We start off with the energetic, happy electronica that I (and hopefully you) have come to love. Louis the Child has graciously presented us with another hit, Griz and Gramatik teamed up for a funky banger, and Pluto continues his journey to the stars with a hard-hitting remix of Yeezy and Future. We briefly flirt with some high-BPM bass of the “future” and “drum and” varieties before settling into some poppy, yet crisp house music and light trap. Trap music’s low BPM provides a smooth transition into some chill electronica and alt-rock – the focus here is on the calming bass and the emotional vocals that make this my favorite part of the playlist. The calm vibes eventually give way to house, and then rap, and then, inevitably, bass house, techno house, and full-on disgusting trap music. You know this part of the playlist, insanely aggressive but fantastic in the right context. The last part of the playlist is less eclectic than usual – you can think of it as a toned-down version of the start of the playlist. These songs aren’t any worse, they’re just a bit less energetic and more scattered across the vibe spectrum. To go out with a flourish, I have some funky house and alt-rock for you in the last couple of songs. Be sure to like and repost on Soundcloud if you’re feeling the set. Enjoy!

Vibe Guide:

  • 1-15: Energetic electronica
  • 16-19: Pop house
  • 20-24: Chill trap
  • 25-40: Chill electronica and alternative
  • 41-44: Electronica with rap
  • 45-47: Bass house
  • 48-51: Techno house
  • 52-58: Trap
  • 59-74: Electronica
  • 75-86: Funky house
  • 87-95: Ambient electronica and alt-rock




The end of the year usually comes with a lull in the number of new songs coming out as artists are just finishing up their fall tours and not yet building up hype for their spring adventures. However, this lull usually makes up for itself in the proliferation of new DJ sets that provide a unique insight into how artists have been captivating their crowds for the last few months. These sets are fantastic ways to find new music – after all, these are professional DJs that are deeply embedded into the music scene. On top of all this, there are still plenty of new releases. After all, most musicians can’t help doing the thing they love: creating. The playlist below contains the best indie tracks that have come to my attention this December.

As always, we start with the best of the best. Chill vibes via Kidswaste, Pluto, Pham and Alison Wonderland begin our journey with a positive, playful vibe before we “knock it up a notch” with Bajillionaire. It’ll be a long time before we chill out again. Hex Cougar, Whethan and Krewella keep the energy up with a mix of future bass and moombahton beats until Autograf primes us for some hip-hop jams. After a brief flirtation with rap and trap we return to the familiar realm of future bass remixes of pop songs that provide some much needed ear candy before the heavy beats to come. After we enjoy a few funky house tracks, Eric Prydz’s alter-ego CIREZ D hits us hard with stunningly well-produced techno track. This is the first of several tracks that are extremely hype and would fit in well with a heavy deep house set by SNBRN, Dr. Fresch, or MAALA. Once past this gauntlet, it’s smooth sailing form here on out. Some upbeat, chill house will ease you through the end of the playlist. Here’s a rough map of the tracks for your convenience:

  • 1-16: Upbeat indie EDM
  • 17-21: Hip-hop and hip-hop influenced electronica
  • 22-24: Trap
  • 25-27: Progressive and experimental house
  • 28-36: Pop-influenced future bass
  • 37-42: Funk-influenced EDM
  • 43-55: Techno house and trap
  • 57-86: Chill melodic house, future bass, and funk

Enjoy below!





As the northern hemisphere slowly descends into a deep freeze, we all need something to be happy about. For some, this happiness will come from the company of loved ones, the altruistic spirit of the holidays, or the warmth of a yule log softly crackling as snow drifts from the nighttime sky in the timeless dance of winter. For more fun people this happiness will come in the form of great indie EDM tunes that make every one of the above situations more enjoyable. Luckily, November was full of great tracks that will warm your heart and get your holiday parties trapping.

As always, we start with some bangers. Flume and Point Point kick us off with some heavy future bass, and Virtual Riot and Bearson fuse popular elements of EDM into great songs to sing along to. After about a dozen tracks we start to slow it down with some brand new Jai Wolf, Vallis Alps, and Fhin. This is some of the best downtempo electronica out there, and each song deserves multiple listens to appreciate its profound musicality. Chill vibes eventually transition to some pop-house electronica, which then melts away in the face of some hardcore trap. Fans of RL Grime’s Halloween V mix may find these ragers familiar. A bit of grimey rap and deep house sneak in there as the trap beats fade away, and before you know it we’re back to uplifting EDM. Don’t stop listening here, though, there’s a treasure trove of alt-rock still left for you to enjoy. As per usual, the end of the playlist is a pleasantly weird mix of tracks that bounce around the ambient side of the electronic spectrum.

In order to navigate this playlist and personalize your experience, here is a general breakdown of the vibes:

  • Songs 1-9: Upbeat electronica
  • Songs 10-22: Downtempo electronica
  • Songs 23-32: Pop/house/funk electronica
  • Songs 33-50: Trap/rap
  • Songs 51-55: Deep house
  • Songs 56-65: Upbeat electronica
  • Songs 66-77: Alternative rock
  • Songs 78-100: Miscellaneous electronica







Fall is a time of transition, and in the world of live music that means the end of festivals and the beginning of the autumn touring season. Indoor shows often offer a more intimate experience – you’re closer to the artist and the crowd tends to be more into the music. In this month’s playlist I offer up the best tracks released so far this fall, some of which you’ll hopefully have the chance to enjoy live in the next couple of months.

We start our journey with the biggest hits in the electronic scene right now, songs that are high-energy tributes to the constantly evolving and improving world of music. Future-bass, electro-funk and deep house are all included. Then we take it down a notch and focus on calmer tracks with an emphasis on lyricism and melodic vibes. This primes us for a slow and steady increase in energy that culminates in twenty-song streak of straight deep house and trap music. This is a small glimpse of the deeper, darker side of electronica that is perfect for a dance floor or weight room. To change sounds but maintain high energy levels, we switch to some unique future-bass and then transition to some melodic house. Then the playlist begins to get less structured. The last section is an eclectic mix of alt-rock and indie electronica that is worth showcasing, but hard to classify. These tracks give way to fifteen calm tracks that border on ambient – a perfect way to transition back to the real world. Enjoy below.



Hey, I’m back.

It’s been quite the summer, especially for music. Festivals were rowdy, concerts intimate, and music loud. Many of the artists included in the playlist below found their groove in front of live audiences ranging from hundreds to tens of thousands of people. Music is a shared experience, and I made this playlist to share how this summer sounded to me.

This one is a journey, and I encourage you to explore it all at your leisure. We begin, as always, with the cream of the crop – energetic electronica. Not too hard, not too light, but just right. After that, the tempo settles down around 125 BPM and we’re enjoying some house music. Pop samples and bass riffs abound until we slow it down and kick it up with some oriental-influenced trap. Trap eventually gives way to moombahton thanks to Party Favor and Dillon Francis, and after a few songs of aggressive raging we’re back down to earth.

The next twenty songs hit the mid-low level of the energy spectrum, and I’d recommend you listen to these tracks with a lot of focus. What they may lack in overt energy, they make up for in profundity. The pace does eventually pick up, and before you know it we’re in the midst of several songs that experiment with the continually growing genre of future bass.

If you’ve actually made it this far in the playlist without stopping, I’m impressed. Keep on journeying on and you will encounter treats from the world of alt-rock, rap, and ambient sound. I wouldn’t include them if I didn’t think they were worth sharing to the world, so tackle this last bit with a lot of curiosity.

As always, thank you for listening and enjoy below.

Night Arcade


Please welcome Abdullah Adnan to The Economix. He will be helping me develop and curate music for the site. I’m excited to be bringing him on, and looking forward to the content he adds. -Seamus

I made this playlist for when you want to live out your own montage scene. This the playlist you want to listen to when you need a break from studying and need to escape for a moment. This is the playlist for when you’re driving around late at night and need to set the tone with the AUX. Electronic music from Calvin Harris and the Chainsmokers is there to give you that downbeat to tap your foot to, while a future mix of ODESZA and Flume is there to balance. This playlist is here to inspire.  Whether you’re ready to head out into the city, pump out that last set, or just kick back after a long day of work, ring in the spring night with this playlist. Click play, turn up the volume, and let your montage begin.



– Abdullah


Red cupcake blue background w:candle

One year ago I decided to launch a new music blog called The Economix. I had no idea what I was doing, but I knew that I loved the music I was finding on Soundcloud and wanted a forum through which I could share it with the world. Since then, this website has evolved from a simple stream of individual song reviews to a virtual database tracking the last year in indie electronic music. Playlists, albums, interviews and even a song premier have all found a place under the black-and-white banner that bears the name of this blog.

Now, a year in, I am excited to begin working on broadening The Economix’s web presence and authorship. Last week I announced a new series called OP-EX where my friends could write in about musical subjects they’re passionate about. Today I announce the expansion of The Economix to Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud. These social media profiles will provide an intuitive way for anyone to check up on the content being posted here and share it with their friends. If you like the music on this site, then I strongly encourage you to give those pages a like/follow. It would mean a lot to me and you will get quality content delivered straight to your feed on a daily basis.

In upcoming weeks, expect a lot to change about this blog except the excellence of the music posted. I am currently in the process of bringing someone else on board to write reviews and help me implement structural changes to the site that will allow for a smoother user experience. I will continue to announce all of these changes as they occur on social media, both my own and those of The Economix.

Amid all of this, I still haven’t forgotten the monthly playlist. I know I always say that there’s something in there for everyone, but for this one it is especially true. The first ten songs are a slow ride up the energy scale, borrowing elements from different electronic genres like future bass and deep house. After reaching a local max with “SHY,” we remain at cruising altitude for a while with a mix of alt-electronica, alt-rock, and tropical house. But this wouldn’t be much of an Economix playlist without a no-holds-barred turn-up section, and that’s where we go next. The house gets very deep, and the lyrics pretty aggressive. We cap that section off with a bit of rap, turn up the (future) bass one more time, and then settle down into a nice mix of chill electronica and alt-rock.

Enjoy the playlist, and please follow The Economix on Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud! Links below: