Sunday 5elect – Vol. 022

Welcome to this week’s edition of Sunday 5elect, where Economix readers get insight into the top five tracks dominating my headphones right now. This week’s vibe is upbeat, with contributions from the hip-hop, house, and alt-pop communities. Enjoy below!

1. Jazz Cartier – Tempted

Ever had a girl grinding up on ya in the club and you’re tempted to touch? Well Jazz Cartier has, and he expresses what that’s like in this well-crafted, very danceable hip-hop track. Perfect for parties.

2. STéLOUSE – Lovers

STéLOUSE is on a roll with his latest few originals. This Denver-based artist has displayed the breadth and quality of his songwriting and producing talent with happy, alt-rock style tracks like “Been So Long” and straight future-bass bangers like “Let Go”. “Lovers” is more of a house track with its thumping beats, simple yet sultry vocals, and inherent danceability. It seems that with STéLOUSE you never know what’s coming next, but you know you’ll like it.

3. Flume – Say It (feat. Tove Lo) (SG Lewis Remix)

Yes, that’s right. ANOTHER remix of “Say It”. I wouldn’t be willing to post it if it weren’t a unique take on this modern classic. SG Lewis strips the track of pretty much everything but the vocals and on the “drop” instead of a soaring synth show for the ears he opts for a pure, rumbling bass line. It’s catchy and calming.

4. Ella Vos – Down In Flames

Ella Vos first caught my ear with her bitingly melancholy debut track “White Noise,” and now she’s caught me again with “Down in Flames”. A similar sad tone hovers over this song but its simplicity and Ella’s ethereal voice make it hopeful in a bleak kinda way.

5. KEFF – Warmth

This mix is pretty old but that doesn’t mean it isn’t great. KEFF brings the songs together with the theme of “Warmth,” which creates a positive and happy vibe for the whole 32 minutes. In his own words, “perfect for a walk on a sunny day.”

Let me know what you think!

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