WUS GUD – America


Indie label WUS GUD is back with their latest compilation, this time sampling artists from the greatest country on Earth. Unsurprisingly, the tracks are great and incorporate a diverse range of interesting sound production. “Levitate” by Rosebud and “Overdue” by imok capture this dynamic perfectly.

“Levitate” is a jazz-inspired instrumental that seamlessly incorporates keyboard riffs, modern synths, heavy snares and rumbling bass into a a catchy track. I highly recommend a close listen. Rosebud does a masterful job layering on and stripping the track of different song elements to create a continually improving and always interesting musical experience.

“Overdue” is a raw dive into heavy trap production. Sound design is key in this area of music, and imok knocks it out of the park. Each bump of the bass seems to retreat as suddenly as it appeared, and every so often a new synth will appear out of nowhere and rapidly crescendo until a sudden break that announces the next segment of the song. The result is a constantly evolving track that incorporates creative sound production into a cohesive song.

Check out the entire compilation here:

Let me know what you think!

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