Sunday 5elect – Vol. 013

Welcome to this week’s edition of Sunday 5elect, where Economix readers get insight into the top five tracks dominating my headphones right now. This week was a great one for electronic music – it was difficult to choose a top five. Enjoy the cream of the crop below!

1. DROELOE – Bon Voyage

Netherlands-based duo DROELOE has been very successful at cultivating a unique, yet addicting sound in each of their tracks. Their most successful creation to date is “zZz”, popular for its energetic yet peaceful vibe and astounding production. They have another hit on their hands with “Bon Voyage” – their latest tune released via Monstercat. The song begins with an innocent synth riff that leads the unwitting listener into a world of crisp snares, resonating bass, and flitting chords that sound like they’re from a modern-day harpsichord. Truly impressive sound design on this.

2. STéLOUSE – Been So Long (feat. Nick Leng)

STéLOUSE was featured on the Sunday 5elect not too long ago for his fantastic future bass production “Let Go” and now he’s back with a totally different sound. “Been So Long” channels an alt-rock vibe into the structure of an indie-house song. What makes this song so distinct and addicting is that STéLOUSE doesn’t seem to be willing to confine himself to a genre, but rather expresses himself however he sees fit. That’s something that any listener can respect, and it seems that regardless of the “sound,” it sounds great.

3. Alessia Cara – Scars To Your Beautiful (Joe Mason Remix)

Joe Mason first caught my ear with his remix of RKCB’s “Elevated”, a track that took the future bass obsession with oscillating synth to the next level. His take on Alessia Cara’s “Scars To Your Beautiful” may be a bit poppy, but Joe makes it work. By keeping Alessia’s vocals center-stage Joe Mason does justice to the original while incorporating his own unique style.

4. The Chainsmokers – Setting Fires (it’s different Remix)

The Chainsmoker’s latest original “Setting Fires” is a great example of what has kept the duo’s momentum going since “Roses” – bland pop beats that can be turned into great remixes by creative indie artists. it’s different stepped in on this one to give us a fantastically catchy and balanced track that can appeal to anyone.

5. NEST HQ MiniMix: Autograf

This mix is amazing to just sit back and listen to. Autograf’s own take on the set says it best: “The mix is chill — but lit if you want it to be. And by lit I mean sensual. And by sensual I mean late night post festival cuddle puddle. In a giant hammock. You’re welcome.” — Autograf

Let me know what you think!

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