Tracy Irve – Strip EP


Tracy Irve, a brother-sister duo out of Sweden, has released their debut EP and it’s a fantastic collection of downtempo alt-rock songs that are perfect for the upcoming winter months. Linnea and Alexander have been featured on The Economix once before for their single “Town”, a slow burner that combines echoing guitar riffs and heavy ambient production to create a calm, yet longing, vibe. The other songs off the Strip EP project have the same feel to them, but variations in each song’s composition take them in different artistic directions.

My favorite off the EP is its title track, “Strip”. The lyrics focus on a total devotion to one’s lover, and a willingness to show them your true self. The production slowly builds in the background, at first only featuring a simple beat but eventually incorporating a soothing guitar riff and subtly booming bass chords. A track that begins with a tone of vulnerability ends on a note of passionate confidence.

“Adored” is fast-paced from the start. A crisp snare roll drives the track forward into a chorus that takes Linnea’s vocals to a new level. This song feels like a lover’s plea – a vibe cultivated by lyrical reflections on the power dynamic in a relationship. Occasional piano chords accentuate the track, adding depth to its most powerful moments.

Check out Tracy Irve’s debut EP below and give them a follow over on Soundcloud!

Let me know what you think!

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