WUS GUD – Europe


WUS GUD is an international collective of artists that have come together to showcase their electronic talents to the world. Heavily focused on future-bass sounds, but not exclusively, WUS GUD provides a platform for yet unknown artists to broadcast their work with the hopes of “bridging the gap from being a bedroom musician to a world-recognised artist.”

WUS GUD has been releasing a series of continental-themed compilations that organize their artists’ work based on where they live. The most recent compilation, Europe, is full of underground bangers. My personal favorites are “Late Night Wanderer” and “Breath”.

“Late Night Wanderer” is a percussion-heavy track that starts off slow and eerie but succeeds in building up to a unique and satisfying drop. Bass hits drag out over bars while intense vocal chops bounce around the listener’s headphones. During the bridge, everything but the snares drop out and we get a close listen to the high quality production.

“Breath” is a catchy experiment in tempo changing. The track begins with slow snare oscillations that gain speed and momentum until they hit the “drop” and are complemented with a bass riff and some background synth. This moment stabilizes the tempo for the rest of the track and sets the stage for a beautiful interlude that gives the listener a chance to relax before the next, unique drop.

Check out these tracks and all the others below on WUS GUD’s Soundcloud page!

Let me know what you think!

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