Sunday 5elect – Vol. 015

Welcome to this week’s edition of Sunday 5elect, where Economix readers get insight into the top five tracks dominating my headphones right now. This week’s selection is chill, alternative, and uplifting. Enjoy below!

1. Vallis Alps – Fading

Last year Sydney-based duo Vallis Alps dropped the best EP of 2015 and then promptly disappeared from the scene. Now they’re back with an original track, and they sound as good as ever. The sign of an enduring artist is their ability to adapt to the times but retain their core sound and identity. “Fading” is a perfect example of that. The song keeps the emphasis on Parissa’s immaculate vocals, one of the defining features of their most popular song “Young”, but David’s production perfectly captures the mood of modern indie electronica while driving it in a new direction. Upbeat, light, and pleasantly complex between verses, the instrumental could be a hit by itself. It’s good to hear them back.

2. Anna of the North – Us (Acoustic)

Anna of the North’s “Us” has been my go-to downtempo track for the last few weeks, and her recent release of an acoustic version has only increased my respect for her. It breaks the track down into its core components, and it’s even more beautiful and heart-wrenching. A hopeful, melancholy love song that will leave an impact.

3. lil hank – Who let the dogs in?

Our favorite pupper is back with a trap banger. Lil hank has the amazing ability to create fantastic indie productions without the use of opposable thumbs or the mental capacity of a human. He’s just that talented and adorable.

4. STRFKR – Open Your Eyes

Comin’ at ya with some straight alt-rock, STRFKR hits a pleasantly nostalgic vibe with this smooth track. This is a great song for a happy hangout or a light party.

5. Your EDM mix with Win and Woo – Volume 55

I’ve been listening to Win & Woo’s bass-heavy mixes since I got into EDM, and have had the immense pleasure of seeing them live twice. These guys know how to put on a show, and it’s reflected in this set. They hit the perfect balance between turning up and just having fun.

Sunday 5elect – Vol. 014

Welcome to this week’s edition of Sunday 5elect, where Economix readers get insight into the top five tracks dominating my headphones right now. This week’s selection is a vibrant mix of melodic electronica. Enjoy below.

1. Jai Wolf – The World Is Ours

Jai Wolf’s debut EP Kindred Spirits is finally out, and with its release we get a couple of beautifully new originals that are a hallmark to how far Jai Wolf has come, and an indication of where he’s headed next. “The World Is Ours” is my favorite new single, and it’s a soaring, melodic example of a more subtle and meaningful type of electronic music than what is typically popularized. It is a confident track that clearly emits positive energy. Give this, and the rest of the EP, a thoughtful listen.

2. Schérazade – L’Amour À Plusieurs (Fhin Flip)

I’ve been tracking Fhin for a while and his flips are always downtempo electronic masterpieces. This latest release is no exception. Incorporating future-bass elements into a very chill vibe, this track will get your your head bobbing as soon as you hit the chorus. I personally appreciate the drawn out synths that appear and fade out with every iteration of the beat. Extremely high quality production.

3. Wallflower – untitled | 7.14.15

The mysterious Wallflower, who has recently been releasing nothing but short clips of potentially amazing songs, is back with another teaser simply titled “untitled | 7.14.16”. It’s a future bass banger, somewhat similar to Whethan’s legendary remix of Missingno’s “XE3”, which has led many (including myself) to speculate that Wallflower is actually Whethan posting samples of unreleased music to see how they float in the real world. This is mostly substantiated by Whethan’s consistent reposting of Wallflower tracks, and a couple of hints from Whethan himself. Well, Wallflower/Whethan, if you’re reading this then please release a full version of this track – it’s fire.

4. up. – lyke i wood

I know next to nothing about up. but I know I like this song. Only 99 followers on Soundcloud but thousands of plays on each of his tracks (well-deserved, they’re all pretty great) spells another mystery, but I’m not going to venture any ideas on this one. Just enjoy the catchy, poppy, house track titled “lyke i wood”.

5. The Magician – Magic Tape 66

I look forward to each and every one of The Magician’s Magic Tapes. Each one is a thoughtful exploration of modern house music. Tape 66 stands out to me, though, seamlessly blending elements of nu-disco, deep house, pop music, and future bass. Fantastic for doing work to, or chilling with friends, this is a mix that has very high replayability.


Sunday 5elect – Vol. 013

Welcome to this week’s edition of Sunday 5elect, where Economix readers get insight into the top five tracks dominating my headphones right now. This week was a great one for electronic music – it was difficult to choose a top five. Enjoy the cream of the crop below!

1. DROELOE – Bon Voyage

Netherlands-based duo DROELOE has been very successful at cultivating a unique, yet addicting sound in each of their tracks. Their most successful creation to date is “zZz”, popular for its energetic yet peaceful vibe and astounding production. They have another hit on their hands with “Bon Voyage” – their latest tune released via Monstercat. The song begins with an innocent synth riff that leads the unwitting listener into a world of crisp snares, resonating bass, and flitting chords that sound like they’re from a modern-day harpsichord. Truly impressive sound design on this.

2. STéLOUSE – Been So Long (feat. Nick Leng)

STéLOUSE was featured on the Sunday 5elect not too long ago for his fantastic future bass production “Let Go” and now he’s back with a totally different sound. “Been So Long” channels an alt-rock vibe into the structure of an indie-house song. What makes this song so distinct and addicting is that STéLOUSE doesn’t seem to be willing to confine himself to a genre, but rather expresses himself however he sees fit. That’s something that any listener can respect, and it seems that regardless of the “sound,” it sounds great.

3. Alessia Cara – Scars To Your Beautiful (Joe Mason Remix)

Joe Mason first caught my ear with his remix of RKCB’s “Elevated”, a track that took the future bass obsession with oscillating synth to the next level. His take on Alessia Cara’s “Scars To Your Beautiful” may be a bit poppy, but Joe makes it work. By keeping Alessia’s vocals center-stage Joe Mason does justice to the original while incorporating his own unique style.

4. The Chainsmokers – Setting Fires (it’s different Remix)

The Chainsmoker’s latest original “Setting Fires” is a great example of what has kept the duo’s momentum going since “Roses” – bland pop beats that can be turned into great remixes by creative indie artists. it’s different stepped in on this one to give us a fantastically catchy and balanced track that can appeal to anyone.

5. NEST HQ MiniMix: Autograf

This mix is amazing to just sit back and listen to. Autograf’s own take on the set says it best: “The mix is chill — but lit if you want it to be. And by lit I mean sensual. And by sensual I mean late night post festival cuddle puddle. In a giant hammock. You’re welcome.” — Autograf

The xx – On Hold


I’ve been waiting for this album release for so long, and I could not be happier with the first single off the LP, “On Hold”. The xx’s 2009 album xx has been a staple of my life since its release, and Jamie xx’s electronic masterpiece In Colour has consistently provided me with one of the best listening experiences of my life, both in private and in concert.

Now, with the new album I See You set for release on January 13, 2017, The xx gives us a taste of their new sound. It’s much more uptempo then most of their tracks in the past, but still stunningly true to their vibe. Classic xx guitar licks repeat in the background while a rapid bass production sets the track’s tempo. Vocal chops add a layer of energy and complexity to the track, but still keep it simple in the style of Jamie xx’s “Gosh” or “Sleep Sound”. Above it all, the call-and-response male-female vocals remind you that this really is The xx. Enjoy below!

BAYNK – What You Need (feat. NÏKA)

LA-based artist BAYNK has released his latest original track and it’s a bouncy triumph in the world of alternative electronica. A strong minimalist vibe prevails over the track, from its bare beginnings to its catchy chorus. The main feature of the track is a deceptively simple synth riff that rapidly flits across notes and simultaneously acts as the beat, melody, and supporting chords.  As this song deftly shows, sometimes less is more. Enjoy below!

M7 – Revolver 03


Producer M7 has released the last segment of his “Revolver” series and it is a great, ambient listen. M7 successfully creates a moving sonic landscape that builds with intensity and emotion as the track progresses. Perfect for a study playlist, or a really chill hangout. Enjoy below!

Tracy Irve – Strip EP


Tracy Irve, a brother-sister duo out of Sweden, has released their debut EP and it’s a fantastic collection of downtempo alt-rock songs that are perfect for the upcoming winter months. Linnea and Alexander have been featured on The Economix once before for their single “Town”, a slow burner that combines echoing guitar riffs and heavy ambient production to create a calm, yet longing, vibe. The other songs off the Strip EP project have the same feel to them, but variations in each song’s composition take them in different artistic directions.

My favorite off the EP is its title track, “Strip”. The lyrics focus on a total devotion to one’s lover, and a willingness to show them your true self. The production slowly builds in the background, at first only featuring a simple beat but eventually incorporating a soothing guitar riff and subtly booming bass chords. A track that begins with a tone of vulnerability ends on a note of passionate confidence.

“Adored” is fast-paced from the start. A crisp snare roll drives the track forward into a chorus that takes Linnea’s vocals to a new level. This song feels like a lover’s plea – a vibe cultivated by lyrical reflections on the power dynamic in a relationship. Occasional piano chords accentuate the track, adding depth to its most powerful moments.

Check out Tracy Irve’s debut EP below and give them a follow over on Soundcloud!