Sunday 5elect – Vol. 011

Welcome to this week’s edition of Sunday 5elect, where Economix readers get insight into the top five tracks dominating my headphones right now. This week’s selection has a nice mix of chill vibes and turn-up tracks. Enjoy below!

1. Big Gigantic – The Little Things (Kasbo Remix)

Kasbo whipped this remix up before playing with Big Gigantic at Red Rocks this year and it’s a great tribute to the jazzy-EDM duo. The unique vocal sample is channeled into a soaring, chill sound that is both relaxing and happy.

2. Banks – Better (Wallflower Flip)

My only complaint about this track is that it’s too short. In the style of an early Whethan, or a current ye., Wallflower takes a vocal sample from Banks’ track “Better”and weaves it into a rolling, future-bass synth.

3. James Hersey – Miss You (HONNE Remix)

HONNE released a slew of fantastically chill originals last winter that helped the indie scene enjoy warm, happy vibes, and now he’s back with a great series of remixes. The latest mix is of James Hersey’s “Miss You”, and HONNE hits the ideal balance of doing justice to the original track but also adding a significantly different sound. The core of the song is a soft piano riff that perfectly complements a rolling snare beat. Great vibes.

4. Nathan Sykes ft. G-Eazy – Give it Up (Kap Slap Remix)

Kap Slap is known for taking on pop hits and giving them an indie-EDM spin, but the side of his sound that he explores with this latest remix is very unique. It’s hard to describe, but it’s energetic, bouncy and fun. If he had cut out G-Eazy’s painfully mediocre verse in the last half of the song this would have been a perfect jam.

5. HARD SUMMER 2016 Live Sets: Dillon Francis

Only Dillon Francis would start his set at Hard Summer with the Pokemon theme song and then drop it into his dubstep remix of “Red Lips” by GTA. Had the opportunity to see Dillon at MDBP New York this summer and his set was pretty much identical to this – meaning that it was freaking amazing. A pretty hard mix of EDM and trap, this is a set to put on if you’re ready to go wild.

Snowlab – Sleepy Bae (Reclaimed Remix)


Bart Kramer, a.k.a. Reclaimed, is an aspiring producer who has yet to blow up but every right to. He has seven tracks on his Soundcloud, each of them exploring different sides of electronic music, from trap to chillstep. My personal favorite is his remix of Snowlab’s “Sleepy Bae”, a melodic track defined by a heavy beat, bouncing synths, and firm vocals. Help Reclaimed get the support he deserves by heading over to his Soundcloud and smashing that follow button!

Khamsin & LeMarquis – Leaving (feat. Saavan)

Future bass masters Khamsin and LeMarquis have teamed up for this skillful, chill track that intricately mixes guitar riffs, soft vocals, and synth fills. I was honestly surprised when the first sound I heard on a Khamsin track was the soft twang of an acoustic guitar, and was very impressed when these artists managed to blend it into a beautiful electronic song. Enjoy below.

Death Team – Messed Up

“Messed Up” is an pop-rap track from the Swedish duo Death Team that instantly caught my ear. Superbly catchy, this track gives off a strong Die Antwoord vibe with a little less weird and a little more danceablity. Not exactly a party track, but it’s on its way there. Recently named “New Band of the Week” by The Guardian, I’m sure we’ll have a lot more to hear from Death Team. Check it out below!

Sunday 5elect – Vol. 010

Welcome to this week’s edition of Sunday 5elect, where Economix readers get insight into the top five tracks dominating my headphones right now. This edition has a great mix of artists at different stages in their careers – from blowing up to just getting some momentum. Enjoy below!

1. Virtual Riot – In My Head (Ft. PRXZM)

I’d heard a bit from Virtual Riot before but nothing that captured my attention so quickly. What begins as a quietly catchy indie EDM tune quickly and seamlessly escalates to a total jam with bouncing synths and crisp vocal chops. One of my favorite tracks this fall.

2. STéLOUSE – Let Go (ft. Andrew Paley)

STéLOUSE (pronounced “stay loose”) has been known to produce some bangers and “Let Go” is a great example of how he’s taking that to the next level. The track starts out sounding very experimental with oscillations that slowly crescendo and fade away. Then, unexpectedly, the track becomes a bit more structured and melodic. This abrupt transition has a happy feel to it and instantly grabs the listener’s attention and energy. A really great song all the way through.

3. Jai Wolf – Like It’s Over feat. MNDR

I’ve been a fan of Jai Wolf for over two years now and have had the opportunity to see him live a couple of times. It’s been awesome to watch his style and sound develop and I’m beyond excited for his debut EP Kindred Spirits coming out on November 18th. “Like It’s Over” is the first track off the EP and it’s chill, uplifting, and intricate. Jai Wolf relies on the soft melodies to tell the tale rather than an attention-grabbing beat or sick drop. Give it a thoughtful listen.

4. Point Point – Au Revoir (Kidswaste Remix)

Kidswaste is the master of chill remixes. This time around he turns fantastic source material from Point Point into a downtempo, borderline ambient, track dotted with trumpet riffs, guitar twangs, and soft synths. Use this song to clear your head.

5. Louis the Child – Diplo and Friends Mix

Louis the Child are blowing up right now with their latest single “Fire” getting millions of plays within a couple of weeks of its release, and a slew of hits under their belts already. This mix could be a rough approximation of my favorite songs from the last few months. Full of jams, and more LTC than you can handle, this is a great mix to have on repeat during a chill session with friends.





Fall is a time of transition, and in the world of live music that means the end of festivals and the beginning of the autumn touring season. Indoor shows often offer a more intimate experience – you’re closer to the artist and the crowd tends to be more into the music. In this month’s playlist I offer up the best tracks released so far this fall, some of which you’ll hopefully have the chance to enjoy live in the next couple of months.

We start our journey with the biggest hits in the electronic scene right now, songs that are high-energy tributes to the constantly evolving and improving world of music. Future-bass, electro-funk and deep house are all included. Then we take it down a notch and focus on calmer tracks with an emphasis on lyricism and melodic vibes. This primes us for a slow and steady increase in energy that culminates in twenty-song streak of straight deep house and trap music. This is a small glimpse of the deeper, darker side of electronica that is perfect for a dance floor or weight room. To change sounds but maintain high energy levels, we switch to some unique future-bass and then transition to some melodic house. Then the playlist begins to get less structured. The last section is an eclectic mix of alt-rock and indie electronica that is worth showcasing, but hard to classify. These tracks give way to fifteen calm tracks that border on ambient – a perfect way to transition back to the real world. Enjoy below.

Sunday 5elect – Vol. 009

Welcome to this week’s edition of Sunday 5elect, where Economix readers get insight into the top five tracks dominating my headphones right now. This week has a downtempo vibe that spans across genres. Look out for more from the Economix later this week! Enjoy below.

1. Crywolf – Quantum Immortality

His first single since his hit album Cataclasm, “Quantum Immortality” is an intense reminder of why we love Crywolf so much. Raw emotion seeps through the vocals, and the instrumental is a captivating blend of alt-rock and electronica.

2. Motez & Wax Motif – Like You

The best house jams are catchy and upbeat, and “Like You” by Motez & Wax Motif is a perfect example. The bass is bouncy and perfectly accentuated by mid-level synths for a full, crisp feeling.

3. Rich Chigga – Who That Be (Stööki Sound Remix)

Trip hop is an addictive genre. Witty lyricism pair with hype beats to make for absolute bangers. Stööki sound’s remix of “Who That Be” is no exception.

4. Lane 8 – With Me

Lane 8 is the king of downbeat house music, and his latest release “With Me” is catchy, yet calming. A killer baseline slowly evolves into full-fledged track as the song goes on, showcasing Lane 8’s production and mastering skill.

5. Tycho – Descent (Burning Man Sunrise Set 2016)

Burning Man is one of the most dynamic and unique art events in the world, and Tycho decided to add to that great tradition by playing an indie-EDM set every year as the sun rises over the desert. It’s a beautiful mix that starts out with heavy ambient vibes and slowly gains pace throughout – an ode to that time of the day that is rarely seen.