Hey, I’m back.

It’s been quite the summer, especially for music. Festivals were rowdy, concerts intimate, and music loud. Many of the artists included in the playlist below found their groove in front of live audiences ranging from hundreds to tens of thousands of people. Music is a shared experience, and I made this playlist to share how this summer sounded to me.

This one is a journey, and I encourage you to explore it all at your leisure. We begin, as always, with the cream of the crop – energetic electronica. Not too hard, not too light, but just right. After that, the tempo settles down around 125 BPM and we’re enjoying some house music. Pop samples and bass riffs abound until we slow it down and kick it up with some oriental-influenced trap. Trap eventually gives way to moombahton thanks to Party Favor and Dillon Francis, and after a few songs of aggressive raging we’re back down to earth.

The next twenty songs hit the mid-low level of the energy spectrum, and I’d recommend you listen to these tracks with a lot of focus. What they may lack in overt energy, they make up for in profundity. The pace does eventually pick up, and before you know it we’re in the midst of several songs that experiment with the continually growing genre of future bass.

If you’ve actually made it this far in the playlist without stopping, I’m impressed. Keep on journeying on and you will encounter treats from the world of alt-rock, rap, and ambient sound. I wouldn’t include them if I didn’t think they were worth sharing to the world, so tackle this last bit with a lot of curiosity.

As always, thank you for listening and enjoy below.

Let me know what you think!

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