Sunday 5elect – Vol. 002

Welcome to this week’s edition of Sunday 5elect, where Economix readers get insight into the top five tracks dominating my headphones right now. This week’s tracks span from poppy to deep, with a fire set from The Magician to cap it off. Enjoy below.

1. The Chainsmokers – Closer (Aash Mehta Flip)

It would be hard to avoid The Chainsmokers’ latest smash hit – “Closer”. Aash Mehta took this ode to hooking up with an ex and gave it a bit more color by adding in tasteful fills for the drop but leaving the verses largely untouched. A classy remix that’ll get the party singing along.

2. Kid Froopy – bb (four missed texts)

Kid Froopy is a recent addition to Moving Castle, a fantastic label that has showcased works by Jai Wolf, Manila Killa, Bearson, k?d, and robokid – among many more. Froopy himself describes his song best: “When I was making the track I was thinking about miscommunication and the things that go unsaid in relationships. A bad situation that hurts too good to turn away from. Some things don’t change… it’s strange.”

3. Vanic X F.Stokes – Shaka Zulu

Vanic has teamed up with F. Stokes to concoct this rager titled “Shaka Zulu”. The song is catchy, singable and intense. What impressed me most was how Vanic stepped away from his signature melodic house vibe for the first drop, and still killed it with a trap sound. Don’t worry, the Vanic you know and love shows up in the second drop.

4. Jax Jones – House Work

This song has popped up in almost every house mix that I’ve listed to this summer. It’s the ideal combination of simple, clean, catchy and energetic. Not to mention, it’s deep. If you have some work to do (house or otherwise) put this on. Perfect for a workout, study session, or dancefloor.

5. The Magician – Magic Tape 63 (Summer Edition)

I had the opportunity to see The Magician live this summer at EDC, and damn does he know how to craft a set. The Magic Tape series is an opportunity for him to share his deep house sets with his Soundcloud followers, and he put together a special bonus set for the end of summer. This one is full of energy and gets pretty funky at times. Enjoy below, it’s a treat.

Sunday 5elect – Vol. 001

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Sunday 5elect, a weekly installment where Economix readers get insight into the top five tracks dominating my headphones for the past week. Each mix of tracks is balanced, drawing from a diverse range of sounds . The fifth song for each edition is a DJ set that allows the listener to further explore an artist’s sound and how they choose to mix together unique tracks. Without further ado, enjoy this week’s installment below.

1. Unlike Pluto – Found You (feat. Michelle Buzz)

Unlike Pluto first popped up on my radar a while back with his hit remix of Diplo’s “Revolution”. Since then he’s released a string of high-quality original tracks that display his versatility as an artist. “Found You” is a high-energy but subtle track good for warming up a party or a chill get-together.

2. GRiZ – Before I Go ft. Leo Napier

GRiZ is the master of funky electronica. His saxophone adds a traditional, energetic and upbeat vibe to an already bumping track. His development as an artist has been impressive, most demonstrated by how complex and clean his tracks have become.

3. Kaiydo – Fruit Punch (Prod By Josh December)

This is summertime rap. The song exudes celebration, and is an ideal pick-me-up walking down a city street.

4. Adam Jensen – Drugs

With an indie-pop feeling, Adam Jensen successfully blends his pleasantly happy voice with high-quality electronic production and a unique drop. This is a feel-good song.

5. BENZI – Get Right Radio (Summer 2016 Edition)

As Diplo knowingly says at the beginning of this mix, “The summer doesn’t even start until BENZI hits the radio.” This set is perfect for summer parties and it includes EDM, rap, and pop jams seamlessly blended together.

ARIZONA – Cross My Mind

It’s been about seven months since A R I Z O N A released their string of hit singles including the intense “Let Me Touch Your Fire” and exuberant “Where I Wanna Be”. Now the New Jersey native trio is back with an upbeat alternative rock song that is both catchy and well-produced. Check it out below, and look out for more high-quality music from these three.

Unlike Pluto – Found You (feat. Michelle Buzz)

Unlike Pluto has released the third track in a series of similarly-named hits (“Waiting For You”, “Searching For You”, and now “Found You”) and it’s a crisply produced, powerful banger. What begins with slow piano chords and sultry female vocals quickly builds up into one of the most clever and musically satisfying drops I’ve heard in a while. Check it out below.


Hey, I’m back.

It’s been quite the summer, especially for music. Festivals were rowdy, concerts intimate, and music loud. Many of the artists included in the playlist below found their groove in front of live audiences ranging from hundreds to tens of thousands of people. Music is a shared experience, and I made this playlist to share how this summer sounded to me.

This one is a journey, and I encourage you to explore it all at your leisure. We begin, as always, with the cream of the crop – energetic electronica. Not too hard, not too light, but just right. After that, the tempo settles down around 125 BPM and we’re enjoying some house music. Pop samples and bass riffs abound until we slow it down and kick it up with some oriental-influenced trap. Trap eventually gives way to moombahton thanks to Party Favor and Dillon Francis, and after a few songs of aggressive raging we’re back down to earth.

The next twenty songs hit the mid-low level of the energy spectrum, and I’d recommend you listen to these tracks with a lot of focus. What they may lack in overt energy, they make up for in profundity. The pace does eventually pick up, and before you know it we’re in the midst of several songs that experiment with the continually growing genre of future bass.

If you’ve actually made it this far in the playlist without stopping, I’m impressed. Keep on journeying on and you will encounter treats from the world of alt-rock, rap, and ambient sound. I wouldn’t include them if I didn’t think they were worth sharing to the world, so tackle this last bit with a lot of curiosity.

As always, thank you for listening and enjoy below.