Crywolf – Slow Burn (Bronze Whale Remix)

First off – if you haven’t listened to Crywolf’s most recent album – Cataclasm – make some time for it in your life. It’s a powerful piece of art that has now inspired tons of electronic remixes because the source material is simply so good. You can hear the quality in the vocal chop that Bronze Whale chose for his drop. However, this Austin TX-based duo deserves a bit of credit too, as they frame the vocals with rumbling beats and rolling snares that keep the song going from drop to drop. The future of future music has never sounded so good. Enjoy below.

Boombox Cartel – Colors Ft. Grabbitz

LA-based duo Boombox Cartel has a stunning range of electronic musical talent. Mostly known for their hard, trap-style party music, the Cartel have plunged enthusiastically into the world of future-EDM with “Colors”. The track seamlessly transitions from chill beats with soft vocals to blasting chords with loads of positive energy. This song feels like a celebration. Enjoy below.

Koven – Get This Right (Pilot Remix)

Pilot continues his ascent before our very eyes with his latest track, a high-energy and melodic remix of “Get This Right” by Koven. The defining characteristic of this mix is the soaring synth riff that marks the first drop, a bold musical choice that accentuates the passionate vocals while also giving Pilot a some room to be creative in his later drops (stick around to the last one). Enjoy the track below, and give Pilot a follow on Soundcloud below!