Porter Robinson – sea of voices ft. PRXZM (Gill Chang Edit)

Porter Robinson’s album Worlds has provided inspiration to dozens of beautiful remixes, covers, and re-interpretations. I think that’s a testament to the quality of the original album, and how great music has the ability to really impact people. Gill Chang is the latest to offer up his tribute, and it’s beautiful. Slow, powerful, and hopeful, this is a high-quality cover that does justice to the original. Enjoy below.

Popeska – Doing Me Wrong

Atlanta-based producer Popeska has blessed us with a fantastic and energetic single titled “Doing Me Wrong”. According to thissongissick.com, Popeska had all but written off the music industry two years ago for its superficiality and lack of interest in experimentation. He comments how “everyone [was] chasing the flavor of the month and dance music was more or less dead to me.” However, after surrounding himself with people he trusts and working with those who appreciate contributing to the world of art, Popeska has newfound inspiration and it shows on this track. Enjoy the banger below, apparently it’s the first of many singles from Popeska this year.

ZHU – Generationwhy

ZHU has become one of the most respected artists in the electronic game right now, and you can easily see why with his latest track “Generationwhy”. This track incorporates funky guitar riffs, a simple, danceable synth riff, and a catchy chorus that wouldn’t be out of place in an alt-rock song. Production quality is unsurprisingly off the charts. Enjoy below.

Mac Miller – Bill feat. Earl Sweatshirt & Bill

Mac Miller isn’t your typical Economix artist, but this throwback from his 2013 mixtape “Delusional Thomas” is a perfect complement to a late night kickback. Take the tantalizing piano that underscores Mac’s alter-ego and add in Earl Sweatshirt’s rhymes and you have a simple track for the summer nights.


NOVA- Whitley

If you’re looking for something for the late night drive back from the beach, Cali artist NOVA has you covered with his new ambient track “Whitley”. The entrancing flow of lyricism matched with the airy production makes this an addictive play. No other song has been stuck on repeat these past few days as long as this gem. I’m excited to see what else the up and coming producer/rapper has in store for the summer.  Give “Whitley” a much deserved play below.


Creaky Jackals – Take It Low

This is some Mura Masa level stuff right here. “Take It Low” is the first I’ve heard from Creaky Jackals but I really hope it’s not the last. Louis the Child made the smart move of including this track on their (fire) Hard Summer mix and when it dropped I knew my life had changed for the better. The track is pretty mellow until the drop, when the song is reduced to nothing but a high whistle and pounding bass. It’s great to hear this style of trap popping up on Soundcloud. Enjoy below.

PINES – Calling You

PINES Call You

If you’re looking for a chill yet uplifting track to get you through the day then PINES has you covered with their new single “Calling You”. It has the best elements of the style we’ve come to love from the Adelaide duo – crisp percussion, hypnotic vocal chops, and all-around fantastic production. Check out the song below and make sure to support the duo on social media. Enjoy!