This playlist is a lot less chaotic than the title implies. As always, your favorite curator (me) has put hours into making sure that this playlist is jam-packed with the best songs that Soundcloud has to offer, and that they all sound good next to each other. My favorites are at the top of the list, but those who venture further into the set will be rewarded with some fantastic vibes of the deep house, alt-rock, future-bass, alt-rap, and ambient varieties. In order, the tracks flow from high-energy electronica, to lower-energy EDM that borders on deep house, and then immediately into some great alt-rock songs. Alt-rock seamlessly transitions into some poppy-electronica, which then gives way to pure future-bass. The deep house starts off chill, but doesn’t stay that way for long. Apparently these hard-hitting tracks are termed “G-House” because they sample some oldie rap tracks (see “HELLO”) for an added edge. A couple of tracks later, however, we’ve dropped the “G” and begin a long ascent up to the world of normal, chill EDM. The end of the playlist is an interesting mix of alt-rap, ambient electronica, and alt-rock. Enjoy below, each track is unique and worth a listen.

Let me know what you think!

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