This playlist is a lot less chaotic than the title implies. As always, your favorite curator (me) has put hours into making sure that this playlist is jam-packed with the best songs that Soundcloud has to offer, and that they all sound good next to each other. My favorites are at the top of the list, but those who venture further into the set will be rewarded with some fantastic vibes of the deep house, alt-rock, future-bass, alt-rap, and ambient varieties. In order, the tracks flow from high-energy electronica, to lower-energy EDM that borders on deep house, and then immediately into some great alt-rock songs. Alt-rock seamlessly transitions into some poppy-electronica, which then gives way to pure future-bass. The deep house starts off chill, but doesn’t stay that way for long. Apparently these hard-hitting tracks are termed “G-House” because they sample some oldie rap tracks (see “HELLO”) for an added edge. A couple of tracks later, however, we’ve dropped the “G” and begin a long ascent up to the world of normal, chill EDM. The end of the playlist is an interesting mix of alt-rap, ambient electronica, and alt-rock. Enjoy below, each track is unique and worth a listen.

OP-EX: The Strokes – Future Present Past


The Economix welcomes Marta Poplawski thoughtful friend and vibe connoisseur, for the second installment of the OP-EX series. This is a segment where Economix readers can get outside perspectives on some of the best music out in the world today. Enjoy Marta’s take on The Strokes’ new EP:

The Strokes need no introduction. Albums like Is This It and Room On Fire revolutionized the world of angsty, garage rock as we know it. While the band has been quiet since its release of Comedown Machine in 2013, rumors of new work surfaced as the band was announced a headliner of Governors Ball. Yesterday, The Strokes first released a single off this rumored EP, and then hours later (surprisingly) streamed the whole work on Spotify. (embedded below).

The EP consists of only three songs (and one remix by the band’s drummer), yet it seems to be just enough to show that The Strokes are as good as we remember. For long time fans, it brings back memories of their oldest and most identifying work – a simple yet intoxicating riff, intertwining guitars, and concise, meaningful lyrics (“Untame me, its not my midlife yet”). We even hear Julian Casablancas ad-libbing a bit, adding to the effortless effect of the whole thing.

While it at first may appear like any other Strokes album, the band challenges their style, adding layers to the EP – they play around with the use of bass, ranges of vocals, even adding psychedelic elements. Pay close attention to this detailing, especially in Moretti’s remix of “OBLIVIUS”, that adds depth to an already intense song.

The EP leaves you wanting more, of course, but it suffices. If you’re a dedicated fan like myself, enjoy. If you’re a new listener, I encourage you to explore the evolution of their older works. The Strokes have yet again shown that they remain on top for a reason.

BONUS: Check out this video of The Strokes discussing just about anything but their work…

EMBRZ – Breathe

Hold up just one second and give a listen to EMBRZ new track called “Breathe.” It’s tagged as a “Dance” song but this track would produce the chillest, although probably the coolest, dance party I’d ever been to. Beautiful vocals, minimal synth riffs, and fantastically relaxed bass beats come together to make this track very memorable. Enjoy below, it’s good for a nighttime drive.

The Chainsmokers ft. Charlee – Inside Out (Joe Mason Remix)

It’s usually hard to remix a Chainsmokers song because they’re simply too good as originals. However, Joe Mason has pulled off the improbable by transforming “Inside Out” into a melodic, future-bass masterpiece. He perfectly incorporates enough elements of the original to capture its feel but goes a completely different direction with the core of the song, the chorus. Quick oscillations and light synths define Joe’s sound and come together to make this track a real banger. Enjoy below.

slushii – Destiny (Original Mix)

EDM wunderkind slushii recently released his debut album, titled Brain Freeze, and while I haven’t yet listened to it all the way through, I like what I’ve heard so far. In the record, slushii hits his signature balance between chill, melodic tracks and over-the-top aggressive dubstep. This track falls into the category of the former. “Destiny” has an interesting feel. It gives an 8-bit vibe, like it wouldn’t be out of place in the soundtrack for a video game. I imagine that the fast-paced, soft synths that echo in the background are fitting for a nighttime race through the streets of Tokyo. It’s a dreamy track, experience it for yourself. Enjoy below.

Kaskade & Felix Cartal – Fakin It (Feat. Ofelia K)

Kaskade and Felix Cartal have joined creative forces to create a low-key summer jam that’ll keep you bumping through the increasingly long days. Soft vocals from Ofelia K perfectly set the mood for a pleasant little guitar riff that gives the song the perfect feel for cruising down a quiet road with the windows open. Reminds me of RAC’s remix of “Classic” by The Knocks. Enjoy below.

LA View – Restless Heart feat. Charlie Grant

Good vibes abound on LA VIEW’s latest track “Restless Heart”, a sax-filled song accentuated by bouncing synths and fittingly chill vocals. Enjoy below.