Jenaux – Get It On


“Today’s a special day for me friends…” Jenaux begins a heartfelt message published alongside his latest release “Get It On.” He goes on to explain how during the past year, although his career was really taking off and he was getting endorsements from all-star EDM producers, he was feeling more and more disillusioned with his work. He was churning out hit remixes, but felt like he “was chasing trends, instead of trying to set them.”  He “was trying to remake tracks that had already been made.” He wasn’t pushing himself creatively.

Then, stuck in a hotel room in Austin, Texas during a hurricane, he took a fresh vocal sample sitting in his inbox and decided to do something different. Something that he felt was right. He crafted his first original track in over a year. This track, which would become “Get It On”, helped him re-discover his vision as an artist and figure out what direction he wanted to go in next with his music. I’m sure that there’s some symbolism there, something about clarity after a passing storm. Regardless, the song is fantastic. It’s energetic, funky, very danceable, and the story behind it makes it inspiring. According to his post, this is just the first track of many that he has lined up for us. If the rest are anything like this, I’m very excited. Enjoy below, and throw Jenaux a like on Spotify and Soundcloud.

Let me know what you think!

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