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One year ago I decided to launch a new music blog called The Economix. I had no idea what I was doing, but I knew that I loved the music I was finding on Soundcloud and wanted a forum through which I could share it with the world. Since then, this website has evolved from a simple stream of individual song reviews to a virtual database tracking the last year in indie electronic music. Playlists, albums, interviews and even a song premier have all found a place under the black-and-white banner that bears the name of this blog.

Now, a year in, I am excited to begin working on broadening The Economix’s web presence and authorship. Last week I announced a new series called OP-EX where my friends could write in about musical subjects they’re passionate about. Today I announce the expansion of The Economix to Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud. These social media profiles will provide an intuitive way for anyone to check up on the content being posted here and share it with their friends. If you like the music on this site, then I strongly encourage you to give those pages a like/follow. It would mean a lot to me and you will get quality content delivered straight to your feed on a daily basis.

In upcoming weeks, expect a lot to change about this blog except the excellence of the music posted. I am currently in the process of bringing someone else on board to write reviews and help me implement structural changes to the site that will allow for a smoother user experience. I will continue to announce all of these changes as they occur on social media, both my own and those of The Economix.

Amid all of this, I still haven’t forgotten the monthly playlist. I know I always say that there’s something in there for everyone, but for this one it is especially true. The first ten songs are a slow ride up the energy scale, borrowing elements from different electronic genres like future bass and deep house. After reaching a local max with “SHY,” we remain at cruising altitude for a while with a mix of alt-electronica, alt-rock, and tropical house. But this wouldn’t be much of an Economix playlist without a no-holds-barred turn-up section, and that’s where we go next. The house gets very deep, and the lyrics pretty aggressive. We cap that section off with a bit of rap, turn up the (future) bass one more time, and then settle down into a nice mix of chill electronica and alt-rock.

Enjoy the playlist, and please follow The Economix on Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud! Links below:





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