Bearson – Want You (feat. Cal)

Nordic producer Bearson has released his first original in a few months and it’s an energetic synthpop tune that’s designed to get us hyped for his upcoming, but not yet announced, EP. Past singles such as “Pink” and “Imposter” have been indie hits, and I’m sure that this track will follow in their footsteps. Enjoy below.

Kiiara – Hang up tha phone

The last single off her aptly named debut EP low kii savage, “Hang up tha phone” is an ode to simplicity and a reminder of why kiiara captured our musical hearts over this past year.  This midwestern songstress has spun us a couple of tunes that could be considered love songs – “Feels” and “Say anymore” – but this is one is different. It’s calmer, a bit more vulnerable, and conveys a sense of quiet longing that makes you think about the future. Enjoy below.

Boomslang ft. Sidney Alexandra – Together

Sometimes you need a chill little electronica track with cliché lyrics to make your day a little better. Sweet vocals and soothing synth come together to make this song a great listen. Enjoy below.

Madintyo – Uber Everywhere (Slushii Remix)

Another unnecessarily aggressive track off the beatpad of the mysterious Slushii. Honestly for the first minute of the song I thought he’d toned it down a bit for this one but oh boy was I wrong. Pretty fire drop, though, the “skirt skirt” was integrated well. If you’re wondering how Slushii makes his magic, check out the hour and fifteen minutes of live production he put up on his facebook the other day. It was pretty cool to see into an artist’s process like that, I wonder if the future of DJing will include a lot more of that. Enjoy below.


Swedish sibling-duo R0TH has followed up their quiet debut track “We Are” with the decidedly more energetic “UP2U,” a song that opens sounding like a 1980s rock ballad but quickly develops into a wonderfully complex indie electronic anthem. Be sure to keep these two on your radar going into the future. Enjoy below.

P.S. – The album art is pretty sweet, too.

WDL – Monster Vs Angel (Feat Mawe)

A strong follow-up to his energetic single “Hurricane Highlife,” WDL’s “Monster Vs Angel” has a darker tone but no less musical appeal. Soulful vocals and rumbling synth come together to make this a slow-burner. Enjoy below.

Altadena Hotel – Runner

Nice alt-rock tracks always make me feel nostalgic. Altadena Hotel seems to be an indie rock band fresh off the presses and I love their sound. I was initially tempted to describe this track as simple alt-rock, but the more you listen to “Runner” the more complexity you can hear in the guitar work. The two instruments complement each other extremely well, and the slightly echoing vocals give the song an anachronistic feel. Enjoy below, and give these guys a follow on their Soundcloud.