The end of March marks the very beginnings of the festival season, a beautiful time when people spend absurd amounts of money in order to dance to their favorite artists for up to four days straight. Tickets go on sale, and artists release their latest hot tracks in an attempt to get the most partygoers to their tent on the big day. Our playlist this month has harnessed the power of some of those early hits. We begin with the cream of the crop: electronica with just the right mix of percussive, melodic, and vocal prowess to get you jumping. The tracks gradually calm down and reflect a more melancholy tone before picking it back up with a bit of future bass and deep house. Female vocalists take the spotlight before slipping into the world of alt-rock, a calmer precursor to the most aggressive section of the playlist. After you hear the funk, all bets are off. Some hip-hop transitions the listener back to the world of the living before the playlist ends with a flourish of melodic, calm tracks. Enjoy below.

Let me know what you think!

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