The Chainsmokers Ft. Daya – Don’t Let Me Down (Win & Woo Remix)

Win and Woo are back and taking it in a new direction. After months of self-reported writer’s block, the Chicago duo have released a big remix of The Chainsmokers’ new single “Don’t Let Me Down”. It departs from the bass-centric tropical house vibes that dominated their sound in 2015, but that’s not a bad thing. As I mentioned in my review of Boehm’s new single, I was worried for a while that some of the artists that came to prominence in the tropical-dominated, Phoebe Ryan remix-filled days of early 2015 would falter for lack of adaptability. In this case, I am happily shown that my worries were for naught. The new remix has a faster pace to it than most Win and Woo tracks, and while their mastery of bass riffs is on prominent display, the duo is messing around in the higher registers a bit more. They even have some sweet horns to highlight their excellent synthwork. Another pleasure to listen to. I have a strong feeling that going into the future Win and Woo won’t let me down.

Let me know what you think!

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