Leap 2

Opportunities like these only come around once every four years so you gotta make the most of them. Welcome to a special leap year edition of my monthly playlist series. This one incorporates songs from the entire, extended month of February (and more!). We start it off slower than usual with some alt-electronica and build ourselves up to some of the catchy EDM that you’ve come to know and love. A bit of hip-hop found its way in there but quickly gives way to high-energy electronica courtesy of coyote kisses and Kap Slap. This eventually fades into the spectrum of chill, tropical-influenced tracks that will clear your head before a brief stint of alternative rock from the likes of VOKES and Gypsy & the Cat. Rock music rapidly translates back into EDM and soon enough you’ll find yourself bobbing your head (or maybe even dancing) to some of the hardest-hitting house tracks I’ve found this month. Once we’re done raging, the rest of the playlist is a slow progression into the most chill songs possible. We always try to end on a nicer note here at the Economix, and this playlist is no exception. Enjoy below and let me know what you think!

Let me know what you think!

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