Who is Slushii?


EDM producer Slushii has come out of nowhere and captured the largely undivided attention of the indie electroverse with his hard-hitting drops and veiled persona. Nobody really seems to “know” who he is – his Soundcloud bio just lists his name as “Julian S.” and one of his social media profiles simply reads (in Japanese) “when the problem is solved … not everyone is ready for a solution.”  Slushii seems to be thriving off of this sense of mystery, and it surely doesn’t hurt that he’s churning out tracks at an industrial rate: 7 tracks in the last two weeks (six of those in the first week).

Despite the lack of clues, YourEDM.com seems to have cracked the case of his identity and revealed Slushii to be Julian Scanlan. Julian has already received support from Jauz and Marshmello, two artists with similar styles and very large followings. Slushii particularly channels Marshmello’s anonymous DJ motif, and the success of both artists demonstrates the importance of a good brand in this over-saturated electronic music world. In one tweet, Jauz points to where Slushii may be moving with his music next: “Me n @SlushiiMusic about to bring back 2010 dubstep so hard and you’re gonna love it no matter how much you don’t want to”.

Get ready to #slushitup below.

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