Blocktreat – Follow Your Stupid Heart

It’s Sunday, a day traditionally used for rest by adults and studying for college students. This track will fit both of those agendas just fine. A beautifully woven song that mixes soothing synth with a natural soundtrack, “Follow Your Stupid Heart” made me feel happy and calm. Enjoy below.

Dr. Fresch X Andrew Luce – Hit It From The Back

An aggressive track from two aggressive artists right here. Taking a minimal approach to some intense trap drops, Dr. Fresch and Andrew Luce slowly build up this track piece by piece until it all comes together in the end. It’s a fun journey, enjoy the intense percussion below.

Anna Of The North – The Dreamer (Feki Remix)

The original “The Dreamer” was a touching, slow-paced breakup anthem that emphasized the difficulty that comes with moving on from someone you really care about. Feki’s remix stays true to the original vibe but adds a bit more energy and his typical minimalist style to emphasize the beautiful vocals provided by Anna. Enjoy both the remix and original below.

Foster the People – Pumped Up Kicks (Besade Remix)

My boy Besade is back with a new remix of the ubiquitous alt-pop hit “Pumped Up Kicks,” and┬áhe’s taken his style in a new direction. Incorporating elements of the “future bass” style that emphasizes oscillating synth and brief periods of silence, Besade creates a chill yet energetic track┬áthat straddles the divide between familiar and new. Always looking forward to more. Enjoy below.

Gryffin – Heading Home feat. Josef Salvat

Gryffin has dropped his debut original and it’s a very strong start for a producer that has produced pretty much nothing but indie hits with his remixes. It’s definitely in the Gryffin indie-dance, melodic-trance style, and that’s a good thing. We’ll see if he can keep the momentum going in the future and evolve his style a bit, but let’s enjoy the moment and the tremendous success that this song is bound to be. Enjoy below.

EARfATHER – Rising in October

Edinburgh-based electronica producer EARfATHER has released his debut track “Rising in October” and it’s a chill jam that’s great for putting on in the background of a study sesh or chill party. Synths meld into one another to tacitly wax or wane the energy, and the entire ride is a smooth one. Enjoy below, and give EARfATHER a follow on Soundcloud, I’m sure there will be more goodness to come.

Wingtip – With Me

Up-and-coming producer Wingtip has released one of his first tracks “With Me” and it can be described as an energetic fusion of disco-pop and synth-pop. As was described by Indie Shuffle, it’s a “Passion Pit meets MGMT” kinda vibe. It’s simply catchy, and very fun to listen to. I’m looking forward to more from Wingtip.