Mothica – No One (DUNN & Kayge Calypso Remix)

So I’d never heard of any of the artists involved in this one until I clicked play but I’m excited for more. With chill vibes, clean vocal chops, and a calming voice, Mothica, DUNN and Kayge Calypso each contribute their talents to a relaxing track. Enjoy below.

Ariana Grande & The Weeknd – Love Me Harder (Gryffin Remix)

After being silent for four months, Gryffin is finally back to end 2015 on a high note. Combining the iconic vocals from this pop hit with the signature Gryffin cloud-pop sound creates a smooth listen that is at once familiar but new. Enjoy the track below, good for chilling.

DJ Khaled – All I Do Is Win (Prince Fox Cover)

This song is a major key to success. DJ Khaled has taken over the internet with his legendary snapchat story on which you can learn the keys to success. Among the keys (coco water, ciroc apple, massages once a week, LION!) will soon be this song, a future-pop take on the dance anthem “All I Do Is Win” which reminds me of RL Grime’s remix of “The Hills.” Enjoy the track below, and remember, they don’t want you to win.



Our playlist today marks the last monthly playlist of 2015, and with it a time to remember all of the sick tracks that have come out this year. At times it is easy to get caught up in the hype of a new song and not linger very long on the ones that you’ve already found and cherished. “New” can easily replace “good.” While these tracks below are all pretty “new,” they’re also very “good” and come from a diverse set of Soundcloud sub-genres. I decide to hit hard with my favorites up front and keep the energy of the playlist pretty high for the first ten or eleven songs before toning it down a bit and introducing a bit of a more positive vibe. The positivity won’t long, however, as we quickly build up to the second turn-up section of the playlist around the twenty-fourth song. We rage for a bit, but then take a slow, twenty song journey down songs of differing energy levels and more diverse genres to end with a couple of alt-rock tracks. I honestly didn’t frontload this playlist as much as I usually do, so I encourage you to explore different sections of the playlist and make sure you get to the last twenty songs (especially if you’re feeling really chill). Also, keep your eye out for some special end-of-year-treats from your favorite purveyor of electronic bangers: The Economix. See you soon.

Urthboy – Long Loud Hours (PINES Remix)

Adam and James from PINES are back with a remix to finish off the year and it’s always great to see new content from these guys. About a month ago they blew up the indie electronica scene with their hit original “Fate” (included below), and now they’ve taken a track from two other Aussie artists and put their own spin on it. While keeping true with that distinct PINES sound including vocal chops and rolling snare drums, this track also introduces the use of a strong synth near the “drop” that adds a lot of energy to the song. All-around, a very solid track that keeps me wanting more from this duo. Enjoy below.

Lostboycrow – Love Won’t Sleep

LA-based electronic singer-songwriter Lostboycrow has been pumping out smooth indie-electronica songs that vary in vibe from “party” to “ballad” and it seems we have the latter with this one. Showcasing his vocal ability, Lostboycrow has fashioned this track into a melancholy love song with a bit of hope infused in there. I particularly enjoy the electronic break and vocal chops near the end. Looking forward to the next track.

Coasts – Oceans (Young Bombs Remix)

Once I saw Young Bombs I knew I was in for a treat. This Vancouver-based duo has been pumping out disco-tinged electronica for a while know and each of their songs are instant mood improvers. Enjoy “Oceans” below along with one of my other favorites.