Playlists have always meant a lot to me, and I’ve been making them since early high school. Back then I was just burning MP3s onto blank CDs and giving them to people I liked, a strategy that died out with the downfall of the disc drive and my discovery of SoundCloud. This playlist is special, however, because it officially marks one year of “monthly” playlists. The tradition began all the way with “Snowvember” in 2014, named because the South Bend weather had graced us with almost a foot of snow before Thanksgiving. The weather and music is different this time around but I’m sure you’ll like it just the same. I start off strong with the best indie-electronica the blogosphere has to offer (as always) and move into a more downtempo yet energetic portion before ramping it back up with some house. The middle of the playlist is very chill, and then there is one last burst of energy at the end to finish it off. Enjoy the playlist below, and check out Snowvember if you’re feeling nostalgic.

Let me know what you think!

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