Niykee Heaton – Infinity

Alright I’m really late to this one but this song is so nice I couldn’t help but blog about it. I put the Illenium remix to this song on my most recent playlist, and I was captivated by the vocals. After hearing a fantastic acoustic-style remix of the song, I decided to seek out the original because if all of these great remixes are coming out, the original must be fire. I was right. Sexy, slow, and acoustic, this song is relaxing and alluring at the same time. A simple message of devotion to one’s love resonates from Niykee’s lips, and anyone within earshot should stop and listen. Enjoy the fantastic original and both of my favorite remixes below.

A R I Z O N A – Where I Wanna Be (James Carter & Levi Remix)

A R I Z O N A’s song “Where I Wanna Be” is a poppy alt-song with a bit of deep house thrown in. Levi & James Carter throw everything away except the deep house component with complemented by the original’s great vocals. This minimalist approach results in a satisfying track to put on in the background of any chill or study session. Enjoy this track and another favorite from the duo below.

Ocean Eyes (Astronomyy Edit)

Astronomyy first caught my ear with his original track “Somthin About U”  (check it out on my latest playlist), where he mixes chill electronica with smooth vocals. Here the U.K.-based songsmith combines an insanely crisp beat and stunningly soothing vocals to create a chill track that passes effortlessly through the ears. Tagged “surf/urban,” this track aptly mixes the vibes of relaxation with that of a young urban lifestyle, but I couldn’t exactly tell you how. You’ll just have to listen for yourself. Enjoy below.

Selena Gomez – Same Old Love (Borgore Remix)

Disney star turned pop-singer Selena Gomez has been dropping singles like crazy and a few of them have been remixed into pretty sweet tracks by the indie electronic world. This is another one that can be added to the list. Borgore adds a bit of dubstep to the track with some grinding synth and smart vocal chops, while maintaining the integrity of Gomez’s sweet vocals. An all around solid track that could be good for a chill party or a dance floor. Enjoy below.


Gobble 2

Happy Thanksgiving. It’s the time of year to spend time with family and eat way too much food. You will likely receive the question “How’s school?” approximately 3,000 times, so practice your stock answer now. If anyone happens to ask you what you’ve been listening to, just send them this playlist. Your grandma doesn’t understand what trap music is? Give her an education courtesy of The Economix. I’ve changed my song-discovery techniques this time around in the effort of spicing things up and getting a broader view of the indie music scene. Regardless, the quality of the product remains the same. Of course, we begin with the best indie electronica out there and move into some more downtempo stuff with an alt-rock flavor before going on a future-bass rampage. It took me a while to figure out what “future bass” was (mostly because there’s not that much bass in it), but it’s an interesting genre that seems to be blowing up right now. Songs in that vein begin at “Time (DSFGR Flip).” Of course we calm  it down a bit, add some hip-hop in there, and finish up with some weird songs to keep it interesting. Gobble up the playlist below.

Model Man – Autumn Thieves

Piano is always easy on the ears, and when combined with smooth percussion it makes for the perfect study track. Energetic yet light, Model Man’s track from his upcoming EP Pieces For Prepared Piano And Percussion catches your attention and keeps you hooked. I’m looking forward to the rest of the EP. Enjoy below.

Two Colors – Follow You (feat. Muringa)

It’s often nice when the winter months come to listen to warm songs that combat the external cold. This one is just the perfect level of chill, warmth, and energy. A simple guitar riff sounds like it was sampled from a Milky Chance, song, while the deep house beat keeps your head bobbing. Enjoy the tune below.